#078 - Dr. Alan Christianson: Reversing Thyroid Disease, Iodine, Hypothyroidism & Hashimoto’s, Autoimmune Conditions, Thyroid Medication, Salt Fortification, Goitrogens, And More!


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10:30 - Personal History

12:55 - The Iodine Project

13:50 - The Lack Of Iodine

15:35 - Why Do We Need Iodine?

18:50 - Fibrocystic Breast Disease

21:05 - The Wolff–Chaikoff Effect

21:40 - What Is The Role Of Iodine In The Thyroid

23:45 - Goiter Belts

25:45 - Historic Salt Fortification

26:20 - Iodine And Autoimmune Correlation

27:10 - Is There A Modern Day Deficiency?

28:30 - Current Wisdom Surrounding Iodine

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32:15 - Goitrogens

33:35 - Content Of Iodine In 600+ Foods​

35:20 - Daily Iodine Requirements

37:30 - Iodine's Function In The Thyroid

38:55 - How Excess Iodine Becomes Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

39:40 - Iodide Conversion To Iodine

41:10 - Iodine Toxicology

41:50 - Lugol's Iodine

42:45 - Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO)

43:10 - Hashimoto's, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism

45:50 - Antibodies In Thyroid Disease

46:50 - Irrefutable Causes Of Thyroid Disease

47:40 - Role Of Age And Gender In Thyroid Disease

48:40 - Iodine Tolerance

50:00 - Thyroid Disease Vs Poor Thyroid Function

51:10 - Efficacy Of Thyroid Medication

52:40 - Most Common Thyroid Disfunction

53:55 - Compounded Thyroid Medication Vs Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT)

57:00 - Medication Recalls

57:50 - Overdosing Concerns

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1:02:20 - Time For Clearance Of Iodine From The Body

1:03:00 - Iodine Balance

1:04:10 - Chronic Exposure Vs Bolus Dose Exposure

1:06:45 - Excretion With Medication

1:08:50 - Medication Changes

1:09:55 - Iodized Salt And Other Salt Types

1:15:10 - Sodium Needs

1:17:50 - Umami

1:18:20 - Testing A Low Iodine Diet

1:19:40 - Thyroid Function Improvement On Other Diets

1:20:55 - Testing Thyroid Levels While On The Low Iodine Diet

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