#077 - Dr. Jason Fung: The Cancer Code, Genetic Mutations, Unicellular Immortality, Insulin Signaling, Obesity Risk Factors, Genome Mapping, Proximate Vs. Root Cause, And More!


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7:50 - What Lead To Writing Cancer Code

10:45 - Paradigms Of Cancer

13:00 - Cancer Overgrowth Theory

13:50 - Gene Mutation Theory

15:45 - Personalized Targeted Treatment

16:40 - Human Genome Project

16:55 - Cancer Genome Map

18:10 - The Problem With Millions Of Gene Mutations

20:20 - Causation Of Gene Mutation

21:45 - Adaptive Therapy

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24:10 - Somatic Mutation Theory

25:20 - Henrietta Lacks

28:00 - The Potential Of Cells To Become Cancer

31:25 - Role Of Diet In Cancer ​

32:35 - Proximate Vs Root Cause Of Cancer

36:15 - Diet And Lifestyle

38:10 - Unicellular Vs Multicellular Life ​

40:05 - Competition Vs Cooperation

41:55 - Competitive Strategy In A Cooperative System

43:15 - Cancers Method Of Metabolism

46:15 - Efficiency Of Glucose

47:00 - Lactic Acid

48:45 - Unicellular Immortality

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52:50 - Convergent Evolution

53:50 - Cancer And Ketones

54:40 - Growth Signaling

56:55 - Fasting And Feasting Vs "Grazing"

58:40 - Cancer And Obesity

1:00:20 - HCLF Vs HFLC

1:02:20 - Glycemic Index

1:04:40 - The Factor Of Food Variability

1:06:40 - Refined Carbohydrates

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