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A new study from JAMA shows no weight loss benefit from intermittent fasting. This study shows no benefit from fasting. This video points out 5 flaws with the study.

STUDY: Effects of Time-Restricted Eating on Weight Loss and Other Metabolic Parameters in Women and Men With Overweight and Obesity


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The headline suggests that fasting doesn’t work, and can cause muscle loss.

What is the primary use for intermittent fasting? Health. Weight loss is a byproduct of good health.

The point of fasting is NOT weight loss.

The goal is metabolic freedom. The goal is to burn body fat, not sugar. Most people are sugar burners. 75%+ are sugar burners.


1: They didn’t change the fasting schedule.

116 obese individuals for 12 weeks. They followed a 16/8 schedule, which is only one way to practice fasting.

16 hours should be the bare minimum as this is how long it takes to process food. A study at the University of Virginia showed it took 14 hours just for 800 calories to enter the small intestine.

The 8 hour eating window. How many times did they eat? They didn’t track. If they grazed for 8 hours then they kept insulin up, the bully of the block.

Corporate worker analogy. It is not enough time for healing.

Adaption is key with fasting, and health. Think about the greatest fitness trainers in the world, they always change up the routine. This study did NOT change the routine.

2: Cookie cutter approach to intermittent fasting.

The age range was 18-64 years old and fasting should be different for men vs women and dependent on age.

We know that cycling women should not fast 5-7 days before their period. Did they account for this?

I’ve seen men do better with intermittent fasting than women.

Post menopausal need more feasting.

None of this was taken into account.

3: Didn’t educate these participants on what to eat during their eating window.

Participants were randomized such that the consistent meal timing (CMT) group was instructed to eat 3 structured meals per day, and the time-restricted eating (TRE) group was instructed to eat ad libitum from 12:00 pm until 8:00 pm and completely abstain from caloric intake from 8:00 pm until 12:00 pm the following day.

During their 8 hour eating window they were encouraged to eat ad libitum. Well the pancreas is designed to output insulin twice per day, if they ate throughout the entire 8 hours this would not be good.

If you eat like crap, you will create cellular inflammation.

Cellular inflammation will prevent weight loss.

When you have cellular inflammation, your fat burning hormones cannot do their job.

4: They didn’t keto adapt them beforehand.

We want to teach the body to burn fat first, otherwise fasting can have negative effects.

Fasting is a muscle. If you are a couch potato and decide to do CrossFit, you results will be bad.

Teach the body to burn fast FIRST, then pair intermittent fasting.

Wallet to bank account analogy.

This is a problem because the body will burn protein and muscle to fulfill the brains desire for glucose, via gluconeogensis.

5: Did these participants have any underlying health conditions?

Toxicity such as heavy metals

Insulin resistance


They didn’t do comprehensive lab work on them, just basic testing.

If these participants had underlying issues, then those should be addressed WITH fasting.

What about muscle loss? This can happen, but this is junk muscle and protein. We build back stronger with healthier muscle.

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