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In segment 1 Joey and Holly talk about Edible flowers
- do not eat if sprayed with pesticides
- do not eat flowers found on the side of the road
- use sparingly - can cause digestive issues if consumed in large quantities
- adds pop of color, flavor, uniqueness to meal
- not typically consumed for nutrients
Clover (Trifolium species) – Sweet, anise-like, licorice. White and red clover blossoms were used in folk medicine against gout, rheumatism, and leucorrhea. It was also believed that the texture of fingernails and toenails would improve after drinking clover blossom tea. Native Americans used whole clover plants in salads, and made a white clover leaf tea for coughs and colds. Avoid bitter flowers that are turning brown, and choose those with the brightest color, which are tastiest. Raw flower heads can be difficult to digest.
Dandelions (Taraxacum officinalis) – Member of the Daisy family. Flowers are sweetest when picked young. They have a sweet, honey-like flavor. Mature flowers are bitter. Dandelion buds are tastier than the flowers: best to pick these when they are very close to the ground, tightly bunched in the center, and about the size of a small gumball. Good raw or steamed. Also made into wine. Young leaves taste good steamed, or tossed in salads. When serving a rice dish use dandelion petals like confetti over the rice.
Impatiens (Impatiens wallerana) – The flowers have a sweet flavor. They can be used as a garnish in salads or floated in drinks.
Marigold (Tagetes tenuifolia – aka T. signata) – The marigold can be used as a substitute for saffron. Also great in salads as they have a citrus flavor.
Nasturtiums Tropaeolum majus) – Comes in varieties ranging from trailing to upright and in brilliant sunset colors with peppery flavors. Nasturtiums rank among most common edible flowers. Blossoms have a sweet,spicy flavor similar to watercress. Stuff whole flowers with savory mousse. Leaves add peppery tang to salads. Pickled seed pods are less expensive substitute for capers. Use entire flowers to garnish platters, salads, cheese tortas, open-faced sandwiches, and savory appetizers.
Pansy (Viola X wittrockiana) – Pansies have a slightly sweet green or grassy flavor. If you eat only the petals, the flavor is extremely mild, but if you eat the whole flower, there is a winter, green overtone. Use them as garnishes, in fruit salads, green salad, desserts or in soups.
Tulip Petals (Tulipa) – Flavor varies from tulip to tulip, but generally the petals taste like sweet lettuce, fresh baby peas, or a cucumber-like texture and flavor. NOTE: Some people have had strong allergic reactions to them. If touching them causes a rash, numbness etc. Don’t eat them! Don’t eat the bulbs ever. If you have any doubts, don’t eat the flower.
Violets (Viola species) – Sweet, perfumed flavor. Related flowers, Johnny jump-ups or violas, and pansies now come in colorful purples and yellows to apricot and pastel hues. I like to eat the tender leaves and flowers in salads. I also use the flowers to beautifully embellish desserts and iced drinks. Freeze them in punches to delight children and adults alike. All of these flowers make pretty adornments for frosted cakes, sorbets, or any other desserts, and they may be crystallized as well. Heart-shaped leaves are edible, and tasty when cooked like spinach.
In segment two Joey and Holly got over Container gardening
What do you want to grow
Size of container
Drainage holes
Refresh soil or new soil?
What kind of soil?
Water everyday
You can still mulch
Many things can be a container
You can trellis with containers
Move them around if needed
In segment three Joey and Holly welcome their guest. Susan Mulvihill is a columnist, passionate gardener, author, and has a new book out called The Vegetable Garden Pest hand Book. https://www.susansinthegarden.com/
1. We often get asked, what is this insect on my X plant - what are some great ways people can identify a pest in their garden most efficiently?
2. What are some tips to determine if damage to a plant is from a pest vs something else?
3. Your book is The Vegetable Garden Pest book - what is something unique or noteworthy in your book that would encourage our listeners to check it out?
4. Why is organic pest control important?
5. What is integrated pest control management and how does it work?
6. How can we find out more about you?
In segment four Joey and Holly answer gardeners questions
1.Q: I have rhubarb seeds. Is it too late to plant them?
A:Yes you can start it from seed normally you would want to start in 10 weeks before your last frost date indoors. But it you start it now it will be fine
2.Q: I'm in Zone 4 and hoping there are edibles that can be started from seed at this late date? Thank you for sharing your wisdom
A: At this point of time in mid May You can start tomatoes indoors and plant them out in 4 or 6 weeks. Other than that in Zone 4 it is best to direct sow them from seed. bean, cucumbers at the right time yes pepper and tomatoes from seed outside Holly did it when she was younger.
3 Q: For two years I have bought chive and bunching onions seeds from different places. They will not germinate. I wait 4 weeks and them try planting more seeds. I use Miracle Grow soil and purchased garden dirt. I have them under grow lights. Everything else I plant grows well, flowers, peppers, squash, tomatoes, etc. Why will my chives and bunching onions not grow? Thank you for any suggestions you can give me.
A:The only thing we can think of is the seeds might be too old. It sounds like you have the right conditions, so it really could be the seeds. Onion seeds lose germination quickly after 1 year. It usually only takes them 4 - 10 days to sprout. You may want to buy starts now or make sure you purchase seeds fresh next year.
4. David listent the show via podcast out of maine and whats to knowWhat books would you recommend on square foot gardening?
A:Thank you for your email and listening to The Gardening with Joey and Holly Radio Show podcast formerly known as The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show
To answer your question the best book for square foot gardening would be
All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew
5.What temperature will shock a tomato plant? I heard that it's too cold can "shock" them?
A:Any temperature 50 degrees, it can show significant problems to the plant. They can survive down to 33 degrees, but that would be for an established plant. Smaller seedlings would likely die.
6.Q: Stacy from North suburbs, Illinois Hello, love the show, I have learned so much! I decided to grow San Marzano tomatoes this year, but did not realize until I received my seeds in the mail that they are semi-determinate. I am a new gardener and only grew one indeterminate variety last year which I tried to prune to a single stem to keep it from bushing out too much. Should I be doing the same this year with the semi-determinate variety? Or will pruning this variety lessen the harvest? Any tips on pruning would be helpful!
A: no do not trim it done let it grow normally
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