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The gardening with Joey and Holly Radio Show heard weekly March - Oct
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In segment 1 Joey and Holly talk about dealing with weeds in the garden and yard
Best is to pull up the weeds roots and all
Less tilling
Solaring the garden or yard
Setting up to solarize: After the lawn is mowed short, water thoroughly to saturate the soil one to two feet deep, then cover the lawn in clear plastic. This will kill all the grass, weeds, and other vegetation
Leave the plastic on the ground for 2-3 Months
Grass and annual weeds are the first to go but hardier weeds can take longer. In warmer months it can take as little as two months for the plants underneath to die and rot down. In winter leave the plastic for around six months.
Chemicals ones that have glyphosatein them do work
Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide and crop desiccant. I
Organic weed killers - No More Weeds from natgreenproducts.com Naturally Green Products, Made in the USA Green Cleaning Products and try our famous USDA BioPreferred Certified DEET Free
No More Weeds is a herbicide that is used to kill weeds such as: dandelions, crabgrass, thistle, chickweed, dollar weed, general broadleaf and others. No More Weeds contains no harmful chemicals and degrades promptly in the soil results in less than 8 hours (no rain)
It has a preparity blind of ingredients it is Vinegar based and a carbon sticking property
Some weeds are good like dandelions
In segment two Joey and Holly provide you with some free items that you have that will help your garden grow better
Free items that will help your garden
Free is always good :
1.Pallets that are heat treated not chemical you do your research on what they look like.
Make raised beds
2.Coffee cans metal in best but plastic and cardboard lined works for season extenders
3.Clean grass clipping/ leaves (mulch/compost weeds and moisture )
4. Coffee grounds
5. Wood chips chip drop
6.yard debrea for no dig potatoes
7.weed tea
8. Planting stick
In segment three Joey and Holly welcome their guest.
Joseph Tychonievich is a passionate gardener. He not only gardens in his yard, but his friends yard, and even his closet with lights. He is an author and his most recent book is the The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food. https://www.josephgardens.com/
1. Not to take away from vegetable growing, but it seems like many people got houseplants this last year - what are some great houseplant tips to keep your pandemic plants alive and thriving?
2. You are the editor of the North American Rock Garden Society Journal. What is rock gardening?
3. Your newest book - The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food has tons of great information - what inspired you to write this book and what is something interesting in the book that would inspire our listeners to pick up a copy?
4. Lead in your soil is a concern for many - is it safe to grow vegetables in lead contaminated soil - how do you know if you have lead in your soil or how would you know if it could be a possibility? Do most standard soil tests, test for lead?
5. Many people are new to gardening as of last year - what are some good tips for plant shopping they should consider before heading to the garden center and fill up their carts?
6. How can people find out more about you?
In segment four Joey and Holly answer gardener's questions
Q: I am looking at getting a greenhouse. Which is better preferred for vegetables. the green covers or the clear? is there even a difference. all the stuff i read online are mixed but with no explanation why.
A. In studies, it has been found that using green plastic to cover a greenhouse results in plants which are slightly (but very slightly) shorter than plants grown in a greenhouse with a clear plastic covering. There isn’t all that much green in sunlight, it seems, since overall, green plastic lets in almost the same amount of light overall. It’s probably not preferable to clear plastic as a greenhouse covering, but if you find yourself in the unlikely situation of having only green plastic sheeting available for your greenhouse, it will do if need be.
more info Plastic Sheeting Polyethylene will usually only last one year. Use clear 4- to 6-milimeter-thick sheeting. Opaque green will not let in enough light. A double layer can be used to reduce heat loss in the winter, but it will cut the light intensity by 8 to 10 percent. A single layer of polyethylene sheeting allows 85 to 88 percent of the natural sunlight to reach your plants.
Q: What do I spray into the galleries that the carpenter bees make? Also can the wood be sprayed to prevent future problems? The area in question is the front porch ceiling made of pine.
A: Thank you for the question, Carpenter Bees overwinter in wood, they will come out in the spring (usually April or May) and mate. The females lay their fertilized eggs in excavated tunnels in wood. First you want to make sure there are no bees in the old holes pushing a stick or pencil in the hole to make sure it is empty or killing whatever is in there. Or take a cotton ball, cover it in rubbing alcohol and shove it up in the hole. The alcohol robs oxygen and kills what may be in the hole. The best thing to use to fill the holes that are already there is (the easy way) use wood putty and fill in the hole. For a more complete finish you would be getting a dowel rod or plugs of the hole size or making it fix putting glue on the tip of the dowel rod and pushing it the hole cutting flush with the board. To keep the bees from doing this again you can get a RESCUE! Carpenter Bee TrapStik – Also Works on Wasps, Mud Daubers
I have tomato seedlings that are dropping lower leaves. What can I do? I plan to move them to a larger pot. The other flats have some issues too but some flats do not
A: We have had problems like this before. There can be a few factors one temperature if it is too cool, second can be the lower leaves are not getting enough light. Over watering can also cause the lower leaves to fall off. With ours as long as the large upper leaves showed not change we did not worry about it and they grew fine out in the garden
Q: I was wonder where to sell the produce I grow in my garden. Is it possible to sell them to the local supermarkets?
A:Thanks for your question. You would have to call around to different stores to find out. Your best bet is farmer's markets. You can contact them but here is a list for the Milwaukee area to give you an idea. This list is from 2020, I dont see anything for this year yet. https://shepherdexpress.com/food/eat-drink/milwaukee-farmers-market-guide-2020/
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