Where Do Conservatives Go From Here


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Special runoff elections were held in Georgia and while the mainstream media and pollsters were working together saying it was a sure Democrat win, the election was much closer than they believed it would be. Just as they did in the general election, they told us they would win by 5-10 points, but that never happened.

Democrats won, giving both Senate seats to the Democrats and creating the first 50-50 Senate split in 20 years. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris can keep the party united, then there is little that would stop them from their socialist agenda.

Most were hedging their bets around Mike Pence and him invalidating the Electoral College votes. Pence did not do that though, causing many to accuse him of being a traitor. I don’t think there are many that doubt there were instances of voter fraud. The evidence has been clear. What was even more clear is that the Democrats were in control and under the rules as they are, they were able to thwart the challenges to them.

Many conservatives took to the Capitol to protest, but were labeled as terrorists by the incoming President. The same one that has said he would be the President for all-Americans, and called for unity among all Americans. He called those same Trump supporters terrorists. Rather than addressing those extremists that caused the issues at the Capitol, he would rather lump them all together as terrorists. Videos emerged of Trump supporters trying to stop the violence, but that’s not being heard on the mainstream media. Instead, everyone is being told they are terrorists and guilty of insurrection.

Our nation is absolutely divided. While we have always had different viewpoints, we have always been able to come together under the label of Americans. Now, we are as divided as we have ever been. Those on the left seek to change what it means to be an American, and with it, to leave behind those who have put their trust behind President Trump.

Where do we go from here as conservatives?

So many had put their trust and hope behind President Trump. They had put their trust in a man, rather than in a mindset. Now, that man will fade into the distance as an ex-President. The left will continue to press charges and attempt to put him in prison for the rest of his life.

Conservatives must realize that the most important thing is we do not let our conservative ideas and values go away just because President Trump is no longer in office.

We must make our voices heard and we must make the Democrats remember we are Americans. We are not just a road block to socialism, but we are the ones that value freedom and our Constitutional Republic more than anyone else in this country. We must secure our foundations in conservatism and in our faith.

We have been here before. We suffered through 8 years of radical Obama, which rewarded us with 4 years of Donald Trump. While there are certain to be changes, challenges, and heartache, we must remember that we are conservatives. We must pull together, hold our representatives accountable, and fight for America. Because if conservatives do not band together to stand for our principles, they very well may be lost forever.

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