Will Biden’s Free Pass Cost Us Our Freedom?


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It is official, liberal mainstream media and the members and executives of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have and continue to be in the pocket of the Democratic Party. Nothing has been more apparent than last night's pathetic political attempt at the presidential town halls - moderated by the leaders of ABC's and NBC's liberal mainstream media outlets. The pandering Peacock Savannah Gutherie attempted to take on the president, often speaking over the top of him and trying to answer questions asked by those in attendance. Meanwhile, over on ABC, Stephanopoulos, short in stature and substance, sidelined any questions regarding the new revelation about the New York Post article concerning Hunter Biden - and the damaging emails and photographs from his left-behind laptops that depicted the deadbeat offspring of the Democratic front-runner as a philandering, wannabe off-shore businessman, cocaine addict, and sexual deviant. I never have and never will not attack someone, anyone, with an addiction problem. Why, because I have known many people who have battled both alcoholism and drugs, worked hard, and overcame. However, in saying that, it is clear that Joe Biden did not show concern over his son's actions. Hunter - despite being kicked out of the United States military for drug abuse and playing worldwide matchmaker for his father with nations and leaders of countries with more than questionable character, Joe Biden continued to do and say nothing. Not a peep. I would submit to you listening that "cover your son's backside mantra" is what perhaps led to Hunter's continued destructive behavior. I want to talk about the continued hypocrisy of the left and the liberal mainstream media who have failed to air one second or ask one question to Joe Biden about these newly revealed emails of his son; setting up backdoor meetings with his father while he served as our nation's Vice President. Since before being elected, Donald Trump has been held to a different standard - not higher, but drastically different. The mainstream media has attacked him and his family on every front. But you see, folks, the same is not said if you dress in dapper Democratic blue - in which case, you get a hall pass, free from public scrutiny and answering tough questions. And now, Facebook and Twitter are being called on the carpet for intentionally using their influence to sway the election and the ballot box results in November. This week, Twitter indefinitely suspended the account of White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for her sharing of the New York Post's story concerning Hunter Biden. That's right, folks, Twitter intentionally attempted to influence and deceive the American people into thinking that "there's nothing to see here." Everyone listening today knows that if anything in this story remotely revealed any action or participation involving Donald Trump, the liberal mainstream media would be swarming all over this story like a bunch of bugs around a cold carcass. But you see, that isn't the case. When you are a Democrat running for office, you get a free pass - free to deny, free to absolve, free to apologize, and free to forget. Ole' Joe Biden doesn't need help forgetting folks - in fact, he is the best at it. He forgets that during his 47-years in public service, he forgets that he turned his back on blacks in this country. He forgets that his policies as Vice President closed the doors to American manufacturing and opened those for his son to countries like China and Ukraine. Joe Biden forgets that our nation was domestically and internationally weak while serving under the Obama Administration - paying our enemies not to attack us and our allies. The money for missile mentality that progressed the radical regimes of Iran and North Korea - countries that would jump at the chance to kill Americans and our ideals are messes that Trump has continued to counter and replace. Liberal cable and social media outlets will have a day of reckoning. That's right, when Donald Trump is reelected on November 3rd, their crying towels full of tears will be on full display. But what's more, when Trump directs the FBI and the FCC to investigate their intentional efforts to distort the truth will force their doors shut. You see, when you claim that you are a social media outlet for free speech, you cannot censor. And if you do, you open yourself up as a publisher, not a product of the 1st Amendment. They know their audience - a bunch of leftist babes that refuse or cannot read and decipher on their own. Call them products of a failed public education - propagated by the liberal agenda to instill socialistic thought and theory into the brains of our nation's young people. For over the last 50 years, communism has colored colleges and universities across the country. We are teaching pathetic principles of anti-American allegiances and aptitudes of empathy and suckerhood. Processes of "it isn't my fault" and "everyone gets a trophy" has spelled disaster for our nation's development and placated a population of socialistic puppets who deny the principles of accountability and hard work. Instead of learning that the world meets no one halfway, we are churning our children of communistic thought, who expect to be catered-to like Joe Biden in a presidential town hall. Ladies and gentlemen, our nation is in real trouble past the November election, and should Joe Biden and the left invade the Oval, our country, our courts, and our communities will burn before our very eyes.

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