Today is our prize of liberty


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I want to discuss what is on the table for American-conservatism heading into tomorrow's election. Sure, we all know that this nation cannot be led by liberals like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and the socialist puppet masters pulling strings from behind the scenes. That's right, what the DNC doesn't want the American people to know is that under a Biden Administration, Bolshevic Bernie Sanders will be over policy, Elizabeth Warren will be over education. AOC and Beto O'Rourke will be instrumental in creating domestic policy, including the most restrictive measures in gun rights and energy. Just imagine the lunacy on display during the Democratic nomination process - a literal-liberal "Who's Who" of communistic thought. The thoughts and actions of free this and free will become a reality should Biden defeat Trump - and guess who will be on the hook for all of this? That's right, you, me, and every other working American! Democrats in this country have a plan, ladies and gentlemen. The goal is this - destroy our democratic republic and make every living and breathing American wholly dependent on the government for everything! We all need to be aware of what is on the liberal-agenda. From healthcare to energy, packing the court to the domestic and international policies that will weaken our nation here and abroad, today's liberals have a master plan - and defeating Trump is just the beginning. Biden's campaign manager has already stated that under no circumstances will Trump win - what does that tell you? What that should tell you is that the Democrats will not ever concede - and that they have a far more sinister plan in place to guarantee that under no circumstances will Trump lead this nation again. Why else do you think that the left was against ABC to the Supreme Court? I want all of you listening to know that the fight, this fight, exceeds far broader reaches than just who occupies the Oval after Tuesday. Yes, reelecting Donald Trump again as President is vital; however, we must ensure that Republicans maintain control of the United States Senate. And that is the fight that our nation cannot afford to lose. Across this nation, local, state, and federal offices are up for grabs - none more crucial than for the U.S. Senate. Those offices against incumbent and Republican leaders such as S.C. Sen. Lindsay Graham, M.E. Sen. Susan Collins, and N.C. Sen. Thom Tillis cannot be afforded the liberal-cause. South Carolina Democrat Jaime Harrison has shattered congressional fundraising records, bringing in $57 million in the final quarter for his U.S. Senate campaign against Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham. Ladies and gentlemen, this should be an eye-opener to you - the left in this country want to ensure that they unseat Republican leadership, especially those like Sen. Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. There are a little over 5 million people that live in the state of S.C. If you equate the 57 million dollars that the DNC and their left-winged financers have pushed into that state to upset Graham, the citizens of S.C. could have received $11,000 each - not per family, instead, each citizen, man, woman, and child in the state of S.C. Do not for one second believe that Democrats are against big money and its influence. Here in North Carolina, Senate candidate Cal Cunningham is still being endorsed by the left - no mind that he was caught and has since refused to answer questions about cheating on his wife with various women, including military personnel wives. Cunningham, an enlisted officer himself, prided himself and his campaign on honesty and trust - a man of family values. But now, the story got yet again buried by the left-wing media, because for them, a philandering, dishonest, and cheating punk like Cunningham is acceptable - and the loss is the people of my state of North Carolina. For Democrats, and those who voted for someone like Cunningham, their vote means nothing - for all of the crap they blasted Trump on, means nothing. The real question is this, where do you see yourself and this country in 48-hours? The left has made their anti-liberty list well-known - in fact, they have not attempted to hide it anyway, shape, or form. Like sheep to the slaughter, many in this nation have taken the bait - bought into the Bolschivism blunders that killed every country before them. The left is scared, ladies and gentlemen. If you haven't read the reports, the U.S. Secret Service, under President Trump's direction, erected a non-scalable fence in front of The White House ahead of today's election. Do you think this is to keep Trump supporters from scaling the wall to protest his reelection? No, no, it is because when every vote is counted, and undeniable proof develops that America is no in favor of the Democratic Party-direction, the left's approach will burn everything to the ground. Unfortunately, in liberal-led cities and towns, lives will be lost. And why? Because the left does not care about freedom - they do not care for law and order. Instead, they care about one thing - anything against Donald Trump and those who support them. Progressive thought was built to push our nation into the past tense - that is what they want - and they will stop at nothing to get it. But luckily for you, for me, and everyone in this country that doesn't have a voice or had their's stolen at the hands of socialistic-thought and action, you have me, and you have those people who never failed, never wavered, and have cast their vote for continued liberty.

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