This is About More than Trump’s Legacy


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On Saturday, Joe Biden addressed the country as president-elect, citing unity among Americans, especially the nearly 50% who didn't vote for his progressive platform. Biden's presidential campaign was full of attacks on the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, it will be old Joe's turn to turn the course of COVID-19. Of course, in a typical liberal fashion, Biden will attempt to take the glory for advances made during Trump's administration and the advancements in the COVID-19 vaccine. There is no doubt that COVID-19 and the stabilization of the national economy will plague any upcoming Biden administration, that is if he indeed assumes power. Assuming Donald Trump's legal battles falter, Joe Biden will be the oldest president ever elected to office. It is clear that Biden suffers from medical issues, and for some within the medical field, the most obvious is his apparent struggle with dementia. Apart from the apparent, what is most concerning is just who Joe Biden and the Democrats have in mind for key cabinet positions within a Biden/Harris, or Harris and someone else, once Joe Biden is deemed medically unfit to hold office. The DNC has perpetrated the most significant crime ever against the American people. Rather than ashamed, those in the US are delighted with the "one-over" they pulled over conservatives in this country. Now, we have a political system primed to pry on the weak and promise everything with little or no accountability or effort. For the last 3 1/2 years, conservatives in this country have been brutally attacked on our faith and our ideals, our direction, and our rights to freedom. The left is far from done - and in fact, they will stop at nothing to solidify every ounce of power available to push their socialistic agenda. I know millions and millions of Americans are upset with the outcome of the 2020 election. But as I previously stated, I am not here to speak of the Trump legacy; instead, I am here to talk to the American-conservative cause, and that is, to ensure that Joe Biden is a lame-duck president. After all, in his 47 years in public service, he has accomplished nothing of significance; why should another four years be any different. I am here to tell you all now that I will not go quietly into the night and accept this catastrophic fate on display for our fragile democratic republic. No, no, I expect to fight on every corner, every headline, and every hashtag of the utter incompetence and dangerous mentality that today's liberals have planned for our nation. All of these issues are far more important than the legacy of one man - even Donald Trump. For a Biden win in 2020 wasn't a referendum against one man's policies - no, no, no, it was a platform that placed our population on the precipice of collapse. The state of our union is soft, and the outlook is bleak. We have rewarded mediocrity for far too long, and domestically and internationally, we are a laughing stock and disservice to the global community who look to America to show the saw to success. Do you know why global leaders from counties such as Canada, Germany, and Sweden have relished in a Biden victory? Because misery loves company - and there is nothing more vital than banding together with like-minded and kind that share in your disharmony and destitution. As a child, when you messed up, you blamed the company you kept, instead of taking your licks and accepting your part in the decision making. I am ashamed of our country and the choice made to simply give-in and give-up and the gifts of freedom and liberty given to us by our nation's founders. Indeed, the souls of John Adams and Hancock, George Washington to Thomas Jefferson, men of honor, men of humble dedication to this country, must be turning over in their graves and disgusted with the new liberal design of our democracy. Be mindful of what we have allowed our nation to become. Not all revolutions bring reward, and lost freedoms are seldom returned. But as for me and mine, we will never bow down to society; we will never allow our faith in God and his love to be perverted by pandering political pressures. Instead, our love and trust in one another and him are more significant than any executive order and any liberal piece of legislation enacted.

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