The Democratic Dismantling of Business Has Begun


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Joe Biden must have had an epiphany when he fell victim to being tripped-up by his dog. Biden, led by his droves of Democrats spread across this nation, have used a virus, with a survival rate of 99.98%, to plunder and politically corrupt our government. We have just begun to feel the pain. From New Jersey to California, Texas to Michigan, liberal legislators, and Democratic governors have decided that the steady rise of COVID infections warrants the wanton disregard for business success and independent financial sustainability. For today's liberals, their will is the only way. It doesn't matter that you are American, conceived and born by the Grace of God, with free will, given the right to choose what is best for you and your family. In liberal-led states such as California, which determines over 20% of the required electorate for the presidency, beginning today, December 5th, the right to operate your private business as you see fit has been restricted or wholly taken away. Since March, numerous liberal lawmakers, both state and federal, have defied their mandates to favor what is best for them. The same can be said for businesses affected by liberal COVID shutdowns. Major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Sam's Club, and Target have registered massive profits - while small, mom-and-pop shops have suffered, barely keeping their heads above water, or folded altogether. Instead of providing action to American business owners, Democratic congressional leaders were busy passing Friday the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act to legalize cannabis. Led by House Speaker Pelosi and propagated by Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, smoking pot is more important than family and financial security. Since March, Democrats have pushed for bailout after bailout. Instead of sitting down with House and Senate Republicans to ensure American-family solvency, they have been too busy pork-barreling more wasteful spending for their socialistic swamp members. If Democrats were truly inspired to assist Americans and their families, they would look at companies like Amazon that have raped small business for over the last four years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2016, liberals have laid-into President Trump about his tax returns and claim how little he pays when compared to everyday Americans. But for people like Amazon's Jeff Bezos, who paid around a 1.2% tax rate in 2019. Business owners like Jeff Bezos, who don't get me wrong, have a beautiful but monopolistic business platform led by his AWS software; as long as you are liberal, you are left alone. Free to do whatever, free to pay whatever, and open to crush independent, small businesses, are responsible for employing over 47-percent of all workers in America. For many in this country, capitalism is wrong, free enterprise is evil. But, I am here to tell you that a communistic class system in our country will bring chaos and pin our population even further apart for those who have and those who don't. You see, there are rich people in socialistic societies; look at communist China. What Biden plans to bring into our nation is a platform where our everyday, hard-working people, who place their families and their employees on the frontlines, who lose to special government interests and those who dine his fellow Democratic dogmatics. Folks, while I do not live in fear, I'm afraid not what Biden and his Administration and liberal legislators are in store for our Republic. For near 240 years, since we beat the British, America has placed the freedom and future squarely in the hands of the people. Now, the Democratic Party has implemented a master plan to manipulate and disintegrate what our founders, our nation's generations, have fought and died for. Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.

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