Liberal Empathy is America’s Evil


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So what is empathy? Well, like many of you, to empathize is to consider the thoughts and feelings of others - and, in turn, constructively look for considerations and behavior to correct a circumstance. What is not empathy? Simply, everything the left is pushing for the position of our nation.

If you sit back and truly listen to the thoughts and feelings of all members of the left, local, state, and federal candidates, they are all offering the same. And what is that? It is that it isn't your fault where you are, where you have come from, or how you have allowed those circumstances to affect or influence your life.

Instead, it is your sex, your color, your creed, who you lay down with and who you love, or your community that has defined your standing in society. Forget the fact that none of these genuinely influence your ability and God-given potential - unless, of course, you allow it. But never mind any of that, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC, and Joe Biden will wipe away all of these burdens and make all of the successful people in this country pay your way through life.

Close your eyes - and think back to when you were small, and if you are a product of a humble, honest family, then you know what I am asking of you. When you did wrong, you faced a consequence, a punishment of some sort. Light or a lot, you knew that every negative outcome, your fault or not, warranted a reaction.

And well all know, that often, that consequence was not pleasant. But what about those who didn't come from a home full of love and respect. What happens to those? Some may consider them lost souls - products of failed upbringing. No, that isn't the case at all - in fact, just the opposite.

Who is to blame? The left and their institutionalized empathy explicitly illustrated in our nation's educational systems are 100-percent to blame. The manic mantra of "everyone gets a trophy," and we cannot leave someone out has been detrimental to all within our democracy.

For far too long, we have allowed our country to stink of socialistic ideals - every before changing how we act, how we think, and how we perceive others for their failure. As our religious doors remain closed at the hands of liberal-cooked COVID-19 science, those who believe in accountability and repentance are silenced.

I don't know about you, but American has an addiction problem. No, it isn't battling alcohol and drugs; it is our nation's society's sickness. We are rotting from the inside and out, and for many, we cannot or refuse to see the flesh pulling away from the bones of our freedom.

Now I know there are liberals listening today that are just jumping at the bit to jolt and interject their thoughts. And I welcome that. For a generation, the left has attempted to dismantle the very principles of our democracy, a nation founded on God and goals. And now, we are to apologize for our faith and our foundations that demand the very best of someone and our society.

We have become victim to feeling so sorry for others and ourselves that we have lost all resemblance of hope and health. We no longer look at speaking to God and those we hold dear to our hearts. Instead, we look to replacing those cornerstones of faith and foundation in hopes of fame and fortune.

If you don't believe me, how about Pew Research Polling showing that Millennials will do anything for fame - ahead of engaging in political participation, saving the environment, and over the health and well-being of others' lives, including their family. That's right, money, greed, and the freebies of fame and fortune are more critical to our nation's youth than being an honesty contributed to society.

And where does this disease-ridden dogma originate? From the left, and the invasion of our nation's educational system and the perversion of foundations of faith. From the top-down, American has lost her way - and we have allowed for wannabe peacemakers and policymakers that have one goal in mind - that's right, to rid and redo the conscience of American ideals.

To feel sorry for someone means not to make them meet you halfway. No, it now means to demand nothing and donate everything. From your savings account to your soul, for members of the left, you are to give all for the glory of their gluttony.

I'm here to tell you that I and others in this nation have had enough; we had enough four years ago when we elected Donald Trump as President of the United States. And now, and purposefully, the Democratic Party and the lunatics of the left and their liberal media partners of mayhem have conspired to murder the genetic makeup of our union.

These United States of America were founded under God and principle. Principles that didn't define who we were or where we came from. No, the founders of our great nation fled persecution, knew the dangers of authoritarian governments, and vowed never to live in a homeland where hopelessness has halted progression.

we have become a nation of weakened morality, every wanting to please others rather than living to the procedures and policies laid out to us by God and his governance. There is something remotely wrong with divining out and not expecting a return - to continue to hold up when a simple helping hand will do.

In this nation, we are designed to do well - give it your best, and that should be enough. It isn't your genetic makeup that changed who you love. It wasn't your skin color as to why you didn't excel in school or get that job. It wasn't the alcohol or drugs that turned you into an addict. It was your life's choices and those decisions that you allowed to define you as a person, including you and your family for generations to come as to where you are in this life.

If you work hard, play by the rules, and take accountability for your actions, the world is your oyster. You see, that is the real reward. It isn't fame or fortune; it is faith, family, and the simple foundation of being known as a good person who should be the wholesome living principle. And no one, no political party or pandering politician, can deliver that. Only you!

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