It Appears Biden and Black Lives Can Be Bought


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Folks, if you haven't already, you better gear yourselves for what could be coming our way in November if Biden and the Democrats have their way. For months, I have been saying this - and a lot of you have heard it as well. Joe Biden has no thoughts of being president, and that's just fine with the Democratic-establishment.

Of course, if you tune into the liberal, tone-deaf, mainstream media outlets of ABC News, CNN or MSNBC, you don't dare get wind of this information. Don't believe me? Take the words of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris - who both, this week, flip-flopped who is atop the Democratic ticket in 2020.

That's right; there is no denying it now, is there? The deranged, dementia-ridden Demi Dum Dum and the Indian/Jamaican princess both stated what is to come in a Harris-Biden Administration. Now, we all know that Joe Biden is a gaff-machine - heck, that is nothing new. He cannot remember where he is, what office he is running for, who is meeting or speaking with, or what he ate for breakfast.

But, ladies and gentlemen, are the American people to believe that somehow, someway, both on the Democratic ticket had a slip of the tongue in who just would be leading this Administration should Trump lose in November? Absolute, not - and if you begin to entertain such a notion, you too need to, like Biden, need to have your head examined.

The writing is on the wall - the chips are down, and Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, headed in halls of Congress by Nancy Pelosi, will do anything in their power to unseat Trump and the Republicans in 2020. After all, Biden and the DNC are already preparing for their Goose Stepping political parade by assembling a legal team of top-lawyers to anticipate court challenges to the election process that could ultimately determine who wins the race for the White House.

Biden's presidential campaign says the legal war room will work to ensure that elections are appropriately administered and votes correctly counted. It will also seek to combat voter suppression at the polls, identify foreign interference and misinformation, and educate voters on the different methods available for casting ballots.

Joe Biden and his Moscow-minded minions are bringing out every lame duck liberal leech imaginable to help in their efforts to Thrump Trump out of the Oval Office. President Obama's longest-serving and most-trusted adviser, Ex-Attorney General Eric Holder, is lending his hand to ensure that every vote is counted, especially those from convicted felons and who received 4,5 and 6 ballots from their deathly-departed Democratic friends.

Get your popcorn ready. It will be quite a show. If you thought seeing clowns peering at hanging chads in Florida in 2000 was a nightmare, you haven't seen anything yet! Democrats have shown their true colors through the Supreme Court nomination process and especially during the impeachment proceedings. From jump-go, their goal has been to fraudulently or intentionally remove Trump from office by any means necessary.

Let us also not forget the true intentions of the DNC. For starters, they knew that they couldn't get a socialist- liberal, like Boschivic-Bernie elected atop of the ticket. Instead, they regurgitated a philandering, done-nothing, do-nothing Democrat in Joe Biden, labeled him a moderate, and will pull his strings from behind the curtain to ensure that they throw radical, anti-conservative, anti-Republican, and anti-American policies down the throats of all Americans.

Don't believe me? Try this on for size. Yesterday, Democratic-Socialist House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex said she believes that she can push Joe Biden into a more progressive direction - significantly in immigration and criminal justice reform, as well as marijuana legalization and universal healthcare. Folks, this is the plan and has been the plan from the beginning. Joe Biden is not a moderate, heck if you asked him, he doesn't know what he is.

But one thing is for sure, Joe Biden, led by Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and the anti-American, socialist-squad will stop at nothing until the halls of Congress are packed with Communists; and the National Mall in DC is a newly renown rendition of Russia Red Square.

We must not stand by and let the socialist left invade our country and dismantle our democracy. Grab your gear, grab your friend - lock arms, not for bogus, paid-for, and Democratic -bought shams like the BLM, but for the movement to preserve our nation's liberty, purpose, prosperity, and independence.

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