I’m Ashamed of America: Here’s Why


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The 2020 election is an absolute travesty. What's more, the left in this country, the same individuals who complained about Russian collusion during 2016, who second-guessed the will of the people in Trump's election, are now the ones stating that American has spoken in 2020 and absolutely no wrongdoing occurred. I am here to tell you that only the left could manifest such deception. Now I know you liberals out there are saying, "Oh, Eric, you are just upset that Trump didn't win reelection." And you know what, I am - but not for the reasons you would think. For starters, since Donald Trump's election in 2016, the left has orchestrated absolute chaos in efforts to retake the Oval Office and sprinkle their socialistic theology across America. The forgotten Russian collusion led to the dog and pony show of impeachment proceedings, to the manifested mess of COVID-19, which perfectly planned the political hijacking of our election process. Let me be very clear. I am a follower of our Lord and Savoir, Jesus Christ, which tells me to love our God with all of my heart, mind, and soul. He tells me to love life, all life - and love my neighbor as myself. And you know what, liberals in this country better understand and realize that it is that love and fear of God Almighty that prohibits Republicans in this country from turning to radicalism. You know, for months and months, conservatives in this country have sat idly by as their business closed, homes and jobs lost, their churches and schools ordered shut, and the uncertainty of their livelihoods left in limbo. All the while, liberals in this country have mastered the art of asinine action. And it is that action that has crippled our country and convinced the unbelievers, the sheep in this country, from combating the communistic thought that will kill our nation. Democrats in this country will live up to their words instead of not allowing Trump to be president again. Before the election, Biden and his Bolshevic followers made it very clear that Trump would not win. No, this was prognosticating; instead, it was a clear illustration to this country that the 2020 election would be a no-holds-bar against Donald Trump and any that support him. I have seen the craziness of the left in this country on full display. From social media to mainstream media outlets, I am deathly concerned with this country's direction under Democratic rule - and I am not alone. Nearly 50% of this country voted for Trump across the nation - the left's result should illustrate that half of this nation doesn't agree with them or their policies. Despite the conspiracy theories, I am here to say that after full review and investigation, I hope that our country and the 50 percent that gave the finger to socialism finally see the left's efforts to steal our election. And why do I wish this? Because if not, then as a nation, we all need to be worried. Without proving the wrongdoing, that would mean that our country has truly lost her way. Without proving voter tampering and duplication of ballots, our country has gone from liberty and freedom to accept totalitarianism openly in less than 250 years. Our nation's very founding warned us of the oppressive and strong central government and political parties' power. Now, we find our country deeply divided, like no other time in history. For the weak-minded, they would hold Trump responsible for this - and that is one of the biggest lies ever told. Donald Trump didn't manifest division; under his administration, Americans of all sexes, all creeds, all races, and all identities, flourished. And now, after this week's elections, it is clear that despite his hard work and dedication to this country, Donald Trump failed. No, he didn't die in domestic and international policy. Instead, he could not get 50% of Americans to understand that they are in charge of their future and that their destiny and success are in their hands - not that of some lame duck, do-nothing liberal politicians, who have promised free this and free that. I am deeply ashamed of many in our country - and it will be their lack of accountability, lack of commitment, and lack of understanding that will destroy this country and ruin the chance of success and the American Dream for generations to come. The legal challenges of Donald Trump are essential, not for his legacy plays second fiddle to ensuring that future elections and their integrity are not ruined like they were this week. If Trump and the conservatives in this country do nothing to challenge the left and their lies, Republicans will never again win a presidential election. The left's plan was perfectly orchestrated and correctly implemented. You won Kudos, not by a legal voting process, by prying on the weak and impotent-minded in this country. For the ones in the country that have nothing, you have nothing to fear. No risk, no reward. You will be very safe under a Biden Administration. But for those Americans who get up every day, go to work or own a business, pay your bills and cheerlead your children to be kind and to work hard, well, our days of troubling times have just begun. While the Bolshevic battle lines may have been drawn on November 3, if the left in this country thinks for one second that 50% of Americans will lay down their freedoms, their weapons, and their American way of life for the liberal cause, they haven't seen war as they will see. We will not go quietly; we will not go willingly. Like our fighters and founders of freedoms before us, we will fight you and yours on every corner of this country to protect our lives, liberty, and property.

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