Hope Not Hell is Trump’s Legacy


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On Friday, October 2nd, Donald Trump informed the American People, and the World, that he and the First Lady had contracted the coronavirus. Since then, Donald Trump and members of the presidential medical staff and those of Walter Reed Medical Center have cared for our commander-in-chief around the clock to ensure his safety and rapid return to the Oval Office. Since his diagnosis, the Democratic Party and the mainstream media's liberal-machine have circulated and speculated conflicting reports in efforts distort the truth of Trump's disease. Now, pandering Nancy Pelosi and Run A Muck Chuck Schumer have stood before the American people, and in every way imaginable, politicized Trump's infection and the handful of others within the White House and U.S. Senate as a means to delay the Supreme Court nomination vote for Amy Coney Barrett. No one is surprised by the actions of the left. Suppose you tuned into any Communist-CNN or Madcow-MSNBC newscast over the weekend. In that case, you could almost see a shimmer of saliva dripping from Pelosi's plastic mouth as America awaited the COVID test results of Vice President Pence. Thank the Good Lord, our nation's VP, and his wife, Karen, reported negative for COVID. Pelosi, 3rd in line to the presidency, along with her fellow Democrats, can nearly smell the Oval like a fresh batch of donuts. Too bad for them, Donald Trump is alive and well and looks to return to The White House, which brings me to my next point. After careful consultation with his presidential medical team, Donald Trump left his hospital room. He rode in his motorcade by the hundreds of his supporters camped outside of Walter Reed Medical Center. And like any of the president's past actions, liberal-Democrats and the media's gasbags jumped all over this story like a sweat bee on a jockstrap. They cited the complete disregard for the life and safety of Secret Service Agents at the expense of a political photo op. Folks, I'm here to tell you that Democrats and their fellow Kool-Aid drinking Communists hate the fact that President Trump felt the need to instill in the American people assurances that he and his presidency are very much still alive. I find it interesting that earlier this year, the same media outlets speculated that North Korea Dictator and Dennis Rodman's friend, Kim Jong Un, was hermiting himself in hospitals and hotels due to a possible botched medical procedure. Refrained from the public eye in no way solidified his stance as leader of the North Korea people. The same has been said for former President George W Bush, who, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, made it a point for the American people to see that he and the resolve of our Democracy were very much alive and well. Donald Trump driving by in his presidential motorcade was hardly a political stunt - more to the point of illustrating and relaying to the American people that despite the deception of Democrats, he has not succumbed to the virus. Ladies and gentlemen, as a Trump supporter, but a faithful American, I appreciate this gesture. In a time of crisis, it is imperative that our president be presidential - and illustrate a showing of strength. Joe Biden and the Democrats have hidden out in the basements, breathing and muttering doubt, fear, and skepticism in their hell-bent efforts to scare their way into power in 2020. The reason why Joe Biden and the Democrats cannot understand Trump's philosophy is that none of them know what it means to lead by example. In the belly of the beast of his presidential limo, President Trump offered the American people and his supporter's hope. Hope is a cornerstone of America - it was hope that cemented our resolve against the British in our fight for freedom. The hope of Republican Abraham Lincoln ended the Civil War and started the process to end slavery. It was hope that turned our nation into one body to fight the Imperial Japanese when they killed thousands of our men and women in uniform and thrust us into World War II to end their and Adolf Hitler's occupation of our World. Hope costs nothing, folks, just time, allegiance, and dedication. The hope of Jesus Christ is what allows us to get up every morning and face the devil's deceptive and destructive ways. And ladies and gentlemen, maybe that is what is missing. For many Democrats, God is Dead; there is no need for him in our lives or our nation. Humanity without hope is lost - and folks, that is just where our nation is heading under the helm of Democratic leadership. Hopelessness is hell, ladies and gentlemen; in times of despair and need, leaders must steer us through the currents of troubled times. It is the determination of Donald Trump and his fortitude policies, not failure and fear, that will deliver our Democracy out of this disease, and that will again promote prosperity for all of our country's population. Like so many of you, I continue to hold Donald Trump, First Lady Melania, Senators, and staff members in continued prayer. Despite cheap political parlor tricks of Pelosi and others, we and the fundamentals of our Democracy will not fall into the hands of Democratic despair. We will overcome, we will prevail, with Donald Trump reelected to another four years.

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