140: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 2


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140: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 2. How you can launch your business and make it profitable

Today’s episode is part two of 21 Lessons on launching Soul Rich Woman and many other launches.

Launch resistance is real

02:07- 02:27 Everyone experiences it so the fact that you have resistance, people have resistance signing up for your program, products, or your services doesn’t mean that you’re not meant to launch.

Refunds will happen

03:24- 03:45 They are a business rite of passage and are inevitable. Do not stress about it. It doesn’t mean when people ask for a refund, you are not good or you are lousy because everyone gets refund requests all the time.

People will steal your stuff

04:33- 04:46 Don’t stress too much about protecting all your IP. Some people will join, competitors will join and steal your stuff.

04:51- 04:59 I mean, get legal on them if you need to put Terms & Conditions in place. Don’t hide for fear this will happen.

People will unsubscribe

05:11- 05:18 Unsubscribes will go up during a launch.

05:40- 05:52 We can’t just hold onto people forever. People’s needs and people’s seasons will change. It’s nothing personal. Just turn off those unsubscribe notifications.

People will get pissed off by what you're selling

06:02- 06:38 People will get irrationally angry that you’re selling something. Even if you’re giving away 90% of your stuff for free. I am a true-blue experience for that. That’s why I have to tell you this, it sucks and it hurts. I already did 3,000 episodes of Facebook live free, content that I teach, I share my knowledge. And then people get angry about the stuff that we are selling. But it’s okay for you to make money from your business. If people don’t like it, they don’t buy it, that’s okay.

Plan but not too much

06:47- 07:05 Don’t get caught up in creating the perfect planning spreadsheet or that perfect launch spreadsheet. A simple google doc to-do list will do just fine. Action beats perfect planning every time.

You won’t be able to implement everything

07:22- 07:40 You can just keep a file of ideas for next time. You won’t be able to implement everything this time, but it’s handy to keep it in one place so you remember.

Incentivize and support your affiliates

08:22- 08:35 I’m a true believer in affiliates or associate partners because they will help you sell more.

08:39- 08:57 But it takes work to support them. Like you need to increase your customer service capabilities because your affiliates will have a lot of questions.

09:44- 10:13 Remember, your affiliate’s money blocks will come into play. Like for example the price of your program and their commission, when they will receive their commission, all these things will trigger their own money stuff. You will also attract different affiliates depending on the price of your program. For example, I don’t really bother being an affiliate for small things like ebooks, but some affiliates get freaked out on selling things they perceive as being expensive.

Mindset, mindset, mindset

10:46- 11:01 I worked through so many blocks during the launch. Book in with your mentor to smash through the blocks, talk to your mastermind about everything you need to keep your vibration high.

Mistakes are inevitable and very invaluable

11:02- 11:16 You’re going to make mistakes, I confirm and I guarantee that. And that’s fine. Because each time you launch, you’re going to get better and better. Each time you launch you’re going to build on the next level of success.

Don’t compare

11:17- 11:47 Everyone starts from zero. When I first started Soul rich woman, I had zero followers, zero members, zero people paying me 12 dollars a month on the membership program. nobody pays me. Today, 200,000 members. We all start somewhere. Don’t assume that everyone has seen your stuff. Launch it again.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Launch resistance is real.
  2. Refunds will happen.
  3. Plan but not too much.
  4. Incentivize and support your affiliates.
  5. Don’t compare.

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