139: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 1


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139: 21 Lessons On Launching An International Platform And Make It Profitable Part 1. How you can launch your business and make it profitable

Today I want to talk about the 21 lessons from launching Soul Rich Woman, doing our membership programs and I would love to share them with you.

Here are some of the biggest lessons from our biggest launch ever:

Life happens. So get prepared.

02:29- 02:34 During the month we launched Soul Rich Woman, we had lots of life stuff going. Willow our toddler started daycare and potty training for the first time.

02:45-03:00 It’s really helpful to do at least some stuff in advance because let’s face it – life doesn’t stop just because you’re launching your business or you’re launching your podcast. Don’t leave everything to the last minute.

Get support.

03:03- 03:08 You really don’t have to do it all by yourself. And I’m telling myself this constantly.

03:20- 03:29 I want to tell you this, outsource as much as possible because it will multiply your output, it will 10X your output.

03:36- 03:48 You can get people from Fiverr or Elance if you don’t have a big budget because there are so many moving pieces to launch a business or podcasts.

Sales pages take forever.

04:32- 04:37 Sometimes, it will take 10 x or 100 x longer than you think.

04:46- 04:52 Even with an existing sales page, making tweaks takes so much longer than you think.

Email can not be your only marketing channel.

05:25- 05:41 Don’t assume everyone reads your emails. And honestly, deliverability over the years since I started going online in 2013 has gone down because of stronger spam filters, promotional folders, and email fatigue.

05:42- 06:08 Therefore, you have to promote on all your marketing channels. From your podcast to your Facebook, to your LinkedIn, to your Instagram, to your TikTok, to your emails, to your Facebook Ads, wherever. I just heard that someone big did a launch and I had no idea. I only follow her on Instagram and I never saw her mention it once.

Spell stuff out for your customers.

07:24- 07:28 Spell stuff out for your customers.

07:29- 07:39 People don’t always read too closely. And this is very true even for us who launch Soul Rich Woman, people don’t even know what it is. It’s not obvious to them.

Pretty doesn’t necessarily sell.

09:25- 09:42 To be frank, don’t try and get too cute with design. In your materials and logo, no problem. But sales pages can be really simple. Don’t let your “buy now” button or “sign up now” get lost in the crowd of beautiful images.

Track your conversions.

09: 43- 10:00 Track your conversions. It’s easy to think “nobody wants to buy my stuff!” if you don’t understand that 1-2% of people will buy. Over time, the statistics will play out unless you’re doing more high-touch selling, then yes, you can convert higher.

10:01- 10:05 Number eight: Book in self-care. Take care of yourself, have self-love.

Track and celebrate every success.

11:16- 11:39 Track and celebrate every success. I literally mean that. Every success. It’s true that most of the sales come right at the end, so it’s easy to get discouraged. Get excited about every single sale – someone has believed in you and you can help transform their lives.

Deadlines, bonuses, and incentives work.

11:50- 12:00 It’s not being too salesy. People are just like sitting on the fence, we don't why. And humans need scarcity and deadlines to motivate them. So get it done.

12:13- 12:21 In part two, I will continue to share with you my lessons learned so that you can be aware even before you begin your journey.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Life happens so get prepared.
  2. Get support.
  3. Email can not be your only marketing channel.
  4. Pretty doesn’t necessarily sell.
  5. Track and celebrate every success.

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