136: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Its Never Too Late To Find Your Dream Job


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136: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Its Never Too Late To Find Your Dream Job

Hello and welcome to ‘Soul Why? Secrets Of The Soul Rich Woman Blueprint’ I am Genecia Alluora, author of two best-selling books, former Ms. Singapore, café retail chain owner, Southeast Woman Asia of Excellence 2010, and International Progressive Women 2019, I’m also the Founder of Soul Rich Woman.

Today in this episode. I want to talk about What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up It's Never Too Late To Find Your Dream Job.

Everyone loves asking little kids that question. Mainly because they will say it’s such interesting things like a doctor, astronaut, a ballerina, a veterinarian.

Of course, children aren’t so bothered by the fact that they’ll one day need a job that pays the bills or need to have skills that will pay the bill or care about making sensible decisions and choices.

They just want to do what makes them happy.

And me? Much earlier in my life, I wanted to be a vet. A veterinarian. I love animals so much. I have three cats and one dog. I love animals so much.

And the other one I wanted to be is to have my own business. Which is that didn’t work out, I wanted to be a professional dancer.

What was your burning desire as a child?

04:00- 04:15 Most people have a secret dream of what they want to be and do with their lives. Some are already living it – either as a career or as a hobby. Others are too scared to even articulate what they want.

How do you discover your dream job or your purpose in life?

04:22- 04:33 I will say, look for clues. Finding your ideal job or purpose is really obvious when you connect the dots, when you look back.

04:39- 04:46 Because it’s been a dream for a long time, or it just fits so perfectly with your innate skills and talents.

04:47- 04:58 People who find their passion in life say that “Everything just came together”, or “All of my experiences in life has led me to this”.

05:07- 05:11 Clues can be found in childhood as well.

06:50- 06:53 Take the first steps. And do it afraid anyway.

06:54- 06:57 Once you have an inkling and idea of your passion,

07:00- 07:26 then you can take steps towards changing your career or living in your purpose. For example, volunteering, shadowing someone in your chosen field, an apprentice of Soul Rich Woman, taking it on as a side hobby or completing a course like a Soul Rich Woman Blueprint to get new qualifications. It doesn’t matter how old or young are you– time is going to pass by anyway.

Make the change

09:16- 09:36 I know that making drastic changes can be scary. I get it, but it’s also liberating. Quitting a horrible job is awesome, applying for your dream job is a great step in the right direction, but you have to do something – otherwise you’ll stay exactly where you are now.

09:38- 10:21 If you “can’t afford” to make the change, then start to plan how you could ease into a new career without completely derailing your life or cause yourself so much stress. Put aside a bit of money for your program, start changing your spending habits now to anticipate a drop in income or spare some time outside your current job to move towards your dreams. #SideHustle. Now, you might be working late nights and weekends for a while, but I guaranteed, it will pay off eventually and you’ll enjoy it because it will be entirely for you.

Key Takeaways:

  1. What do you love to do?
  2. What have you always dreamt about doing with your life?
  3. What do other people tell you that you’d be fantastic at?
  4. What courses do you dream about taking?
  5. If you didn’t have to worry about taking a pay cut, or what other people thought about it, what would you do?

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