127: 3 Things You're Doing That's Blocking Your Success


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127: 3 Things You're Doing That's Blocking Your Success

Entrepreneurs will say that their lack of success is due to external circumstances or bad luck.

But you know what, when it comes to roadblocks to the success we are usually our own worst enemy.

Let’s talk about the things you are doing that are blocking your success. Don’t fret because if you seek success, you have the power and control to overcome the following obstacles. Stay tuned to learn more!

You Believe The Stories You’ve Created About Yourself

02:39- 02:42 First: You Believe The Stories You’ve Created About Yourself. “I’m not creative.” “I’m a flake.” “I’m bad at marketing.” "I don't have anything to say." “I don’t like selling.”

02:53- 03:05 What are the stories you’ve been telling yourself for years and years? Did you know you don’t have to listen to those? In fact, you can prove them wrong whenever you feel like it.

03:08- 03:35 Make a list of all of these stories you have about yourself. Today is all about doing these exercises. Doesn’t matter if you think they’re true or not just put them down on paper. Look at them and address these right away by canceling out because by bringing them on paper and bring to your awareness and consciousness, you'll be able to work with them and work through them and acknowledge the remaining ones.

You Undervalue What You’re Great At

04:05- 04:08 Number two: You Undervalue What You’re Great At.

04:20- 04:25 Just because something comes easily to you, does not mean it isn’t valuable to everyone else.

04:26- 05:02 When you are doing the work that comes from your truest, most authentic self, it may seem effortless to you. It may seem like you can’t believe people will actually pay you to do something you love so much. It may seem like you should be working harder or sweating more like a cow. The reality is, you can provide tremendous value to other people and touch their lives with the knowledge you already have right now. And truth is that you can’t affect anyone positively if you keep waiting until you know everything before you even start.

05:20- 05:53 Imagine you were going to take a leave of absence from your business and someone was going to take over for you for a bit. I want you to start writing down everything you do and everything you know as if you were preparing someone else to take on your role. You’ll start to see very quickly that you know and do far more than you think you do. Seeing it all together may make you take notice of all of the brilliance inside of you that you take for granted every single day.

You Care Too Much About What Other People Think

06:01- 06:03 Number three: You Care Too Much About What Other People Think.

06:36- 07:19 Frankly, life is too short to spend your precious time worrying if your job title is sexy enough, if your prices are too high, whether you have a lot of likes and a lot of shares on your social media posts and all the sake of pleasing everybody in the universe. And all of the pleasing and yes-woman or yes-man will throw roadblocks into your path to meaningful, on-your-own-terms success. So, get clear on your mission. The action you need to take today is "what are you going to do?" Get clear on your mission, your big why. What amazing ways are you going to help people? Start making decisions from a place of service of that awesome mission.

Key Takeaways:

  1. You Believe The Stories You’ve Created About Yourself.
  2. You Undervalue What You’re Great At.
  3. You Care Too Much About What Other People Think.
  4. Focusing On Negatives.
  5. Beating Yourself Up.

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