134 5 Keys to Make Your Website Work for Your CPA Firm


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Is your website a scatterplot of ideas, random phrases, and services? Does it suggest that you can do anything and everything for anyone, so long as they’re human? Do you look at it and cringe, but you feel overwhelmed or lost as to how to make it look right and do what you want it to?

Take heart - making a website that captures your value and tells the right story to your best prospects is a tricky thing.

My guest today is Tina Smith, owner of Creative. Creative makes complicated website stuff easy so that clients can solve the right problems, grow good businesses, and live the life they’ve always wanted.

5 Keys to Improve Your CPA Firm’s Website

    1. Show up in search. Be sure to use the right terms in your headline, inside the tags. Put what you do in that headline. If you serve a geographic location, use it.
    2. Prioritize faces over places. Avoid mountains and beaches and city skylines. Point your face to the camera. Eyeballs or body language points to headline or CTA you want the visitor to take.
      • Put your own face on your website, and if you have a team, be sure to include them. If you don’t want to show yourself big, you can use a photo of you working with a client.
      • Look open and inviting
      • -Look like your audience - when you mirror your audience, they will like and trust you more
    3. Get your jargon at the right level - be technical enough to be believable for your audience, but not over their head. Use regular speak that everyone can understand. Run your copy by a few clients to see what they get caught up on.
    4. Use powerful emotional words. You can find great emotional words using google or emoji lists.
      • Testimonials need to be short - 1 - 2 sentences
      • Sprinkled and scattered, as well as a dedicated page
      • Social proof is the fastest way to earn people’s trust
      • Headline at the top: 1 sentence “This CPA grew my business”
    5. Niching makes your marketing more powerful.
      • If they have a conference and a trade journal, it could be worth checking out
      • Women, ambitious, passionate… not niche-y enough.

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