EP 34 | Living Pantry: Using Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods to Cook For Greater Gut Health with Chef David Bouley


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When it comes to nutritional science, there are so many complicated variables to sort through in determining whether or not an ingredient is good for your health. One that doesn’t get talked about enough? How it’s cooked.

In today’s episode, we’re heading into the kitchen with one of the most renowned chefs in the world, David Bouley. Over the last decade, chef Bouley has made it his mission to marry his classical French training with nutritional wisdom from ancient cultures. To do so, he’s traveled the world to learn more about how Blue Zones—areas with the largest populations of centenarians—source, prepare and eat certain ingredients.

During our conversation, chef Bouley shares how we can apply some of these learnings at home by stocking our cabinets, fridge, and spice rack with the highest quality items—a concept he refers to as building a living pantry. We talk about the power of fermentation, the role of certain prebiotic ingredients, and which often overlooked items can become digestive gold when prepared properly.

If you’re a food nerd in addition to a health nerd (like me), you’re going to love this conversation. And even if you’re not, hopefully chef Bouley’s ideas will open your mind to a whole new world of possibility in the kitchen as you heal your gut after SIBO.

A quick taste of what we’ll cover:
  • How traditional Japanese techniques has influenced our cooking in the West
  • Preparations that make certain hard to digest ingredients like cabbage and rice more bioavailable and easy on the gut
  • Building blocks that chef Bouley swears by and what’s on his spice rack
  • The importance of researching where your food comes from
  • Why healthy fats matter and which ones to stock your kitchen with
  • And so much more...
Resources, mentions and notes:

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Disclaimer: The information in this podcast does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, or treatment. The information discussed is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical or professional care.

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