Are you a Consumer or Investor?


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With the way the US economy is going, how are you approaching your finances? Are you a consumer that spends all the hard-earned money on "stuff"? OR do you invest your hard-earned money in assets?

We'll uncover how we've transitioned from a consumer mindset to an investor mindset, and why you should too!

About Get the Bag Podcast

Gladia and Tim connected through Chris Jefferson's real estate wholesaling group, ChargedUp University. The rest is history!

Gladia Castro, also known as the "Nine-to-Five Entrepreneur" is from California, born and raised in the Bay Area. She got into wholesaling real estate in October 2020 and closed her first deal in November 2020. Gladia still works a 9-5 as a Product Director at a tech company. She uses her experience in tech and real estate to help others pursue their passions and dreams.

Tim Park. Tim's experience gained him success as a serial entrepreneur, inventor, and real estate investor. His career has taken him from corporate life to investor life. He is passionate about helping people achieve success. He mentors minority start-ups and real estate investors. He is an amazing connecter and understands the power of your network is your net worth. He lives in Los Angeles and loves football and basketball.

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