ICP 289 Navigating Parenthood, Career Change and Depression with Emily and Paul - Creators of the Parent Guide to GCSE


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“Knowledge beats nagging every time” according to Emily and Paul, creators of the parent guide to GCSE.

Spotting a gap in a large market, ex-teachers, Paul and Emily, share their experience leaving the teaching profession to educate parents on how to best support their children going through GCSE.

Emily shares her story falling out of love with her teaching career and falling in love; because of a motorbike.

Emily shares how they managed a time of depression; leaving her career without a job to go to...

Learn how the couple manage their own family whilst running their own dream business community membership model.

And their best advice for stressed out parents…

Items mentioned in this episode (quick access):

[00:42] Introducing this episode on education and mental wellbeing with Emily and Paul.

[03:57] How Emily and Paul met - over a motorbike.

[05:10] Emily talks about leaving her a career and dealing with her depression.

[06:40] Paul shares his side of the story.

[09:08] Emily talks about how anti-depressants helped her initially.

[09:43] Applying for other jobs.

[10:45] Leaving without a job to go to.

[11:28] Where and how Emily got started with her new venture.

[12:30] How the idea for their business was born.

[14:25] Paul shares his side of the story and some of the challenges with teaching.

[15:53] Managing cash flow.

[16:50] Teachers running their own business.

[18:00] Developing confidence selling.

[21:03] Emily explains how they support parents towards supporting their teenagers.

[22:20] The B2 stealth system.

[24:27] Paul describes their success path.

[25:25] The challenges for kids taking exams today.

[26:26] Mocks are very much like a dress rehearsal.

[26:50] Sanity breaks for all.

[29:50] Paul describes NEA (what was coursework.)

[31:08] Resources for small children vs. teenagers.

[31:54] Their active Facebook community.

[32:57] How Emily made sense of vague government announcements for parents.

[35:16] Teaching skills for life.

[38:00] How their members become more independent learners.

[38:40] Doing a series on personal finance.

[39:54] Emily shares how their podcast has helped them to build up their knowledge.

[42:11] How they help those home schooling. The challenges with home schooling.

[44:18] Being effective at the desk.

[46:28] Emily and Paul’s guidance for anyone looking to make their own career leap.

[48:26] Building their website with their founding members.

[49:31] Paul talks about “Ask me anything.”

[50:18] Emily and Paul’s best advice for stressed out parents.

[50:48] Running a competition and Paul’s bespoke revision plan.

[52:17] Their proudest achievement so far.

[53:42] What’s next for Paul and Emily.

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