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Joey Remenyi from Seeking Balance International talks with Lara from Mummy Seeing Double! GET JOEY'S BOOK! UK: USA: AUS: Canada: Questions covered: Q1: . IF tinnitus is a result of damage in the middle ear is it curable? I have noticed over the years that when I have a headache/migraine my tinnitus ramps up, why is this and what can I do to help reduce the severity of the pain? Q2: I sometimes feel my tinnitus as a vibration in my head is this a common thing and is it related to VM.? Q3: it common to suffer multiple conditions when you have a vistibular disorder? people I have spoken to with a balance disorder tend to have other things going on, EG Fibromyalgia not long after being diagnosed with VM. Q4: I find when my hormones are all over the place, my vertigo is bad. Why is this? Q5; I find when I’m rushed off my feet. My tinnitus is worse. I struggle with hearing, and this makes it worse. I struggle to hear, and it’s even worse with face masks on. I get so embarrassed. I do have a BAHA, but this just amplifies the high pitch. I have to take it off. Any suggestions on how to manage, when I don’t have time to stop.? Q6: How can we find a balance between rest and movement? I often find myself struggling with energy levels and burnout but if I rest too much I have more vertigo. Q7: I often have bouts of mild dizziness on days when I have no other migraine symptoms. Sometimes they feel like short spins, sometimes I feel like I am moving/floating when I am not. Any idea why these occur and what I can do to prevent them? While they are not as debilitating as vertigo they affect me both physically as psychologically as they happen quite often (sometimes daily, multiple times a day). Q8: What is the difference between pppd and VM? Q9: what do you mean by saying the diagnosis of the vestibular disease doesn't really matter? I would like to know how can we as patients be certain it's nothing 'serious' and follow the neuroplasticity pathway to healing when you are stuck in limbo with no formal diagnosis? Surely knowing the diagnosis is important to get the right treatment? I'm hoping that's all in the book too🤞🙂 Q10: Lots of people embark on VRT and after two weeks give up as so symptomatic, what’s your advice ? Q11: So many get told different diagnosis’s from different specialists and keep seeking the right one but it gets so can they get the right help/advice? Q12: Can neuroplasticity help with fear of driving/driving anxiety caused originally by vestibular symptoms and feeling unsafe? Q13: It’s hard to know who to go and see? ENT, neurologist, vestibular audiologist, GP? Who’s the best to see? Q14: Do you believe diet or foods can trigger vestibular symptoms? Seems opinions are mixed in the professional World Q15: It’s very hard to concentrate when the tinnitus is so loud, can’t listen to music at work so how can I try and reduce the noise? Q16: can tinnitus just go after a long period of time? Even if it’s down to hearing loss?

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