Episode 16: Podcast Update Now with Season one Ojibwemowin Merch!


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Podcast Update Now with Season one Ojibwemowin Merch!If you want to pick up some season one merch you can find them here:https://www.bagpipeswag.com/wetootwaag If you are reading this much after I post it you might have to hunt around to find the Ojibwemodaa merch. Here are links to the specific items:Unisex Shirt:https://www.bagpipeswag.com/product-page/gaawiin-zanagasinoon-ojibwemowin-short-sleeve-unisex-t-shirt Fitted Shirt:https://www.bagpipeswag.com/product-page/gaawiin-zanagasinoon-ojibwemowin-women-s-relaxed-t-shirt Gaawiin Zanagasinoon Ojibwemowin Mug:https://www.bagpipeswag.com/product-page/gaawiin-zanagasinoon-ojibwemowin-white-glossy-mug You can download the entire Oshkaabewis issue here:https://www.bemidjistate.edu/airc/wp-content/uploads/sites/85/2016/03/onj-vol8-num1.pdf https://www.bemidjistate.edu/airc/community-resources/journal/history-and-back-issues/ You can Look at the Original Jones’ Two Volume set here:(The first volume is Adizokaan) https://archive.org/details/ojibwatextsvolu00michgoog/page/n8/mode/2up And Volume II:https://archive.org/details/ojibwatextscoll00unkngoog/page/n6/mode/2up The Horned Sturgeon Story I read is here:https://archive.org/details/ojibwatextscoll00unkngoog/page/288/mode/2up NAME WADAKANID GAA-ANISHINAABEWISIDOOD WILLIAM JONES GAA-AANIKE-AANJIBII’ANG JEREMY KINGSBURY* [1] Ningoding anishinaabeg gii-booziwag nandawaabamaawaad namewan; anitiin odayaanaawaan; mizhawagaam izhaawag. Mii dash inaabiwaad anaamiindim, ayaapii owaabamaawaan namewan, mii iw bazhiba’waawaad namewan. Ningoding bezhig anishinaabe madwe-giigido: “Oo, nashke gosha ezhinaagozid wa’aw name! Wadakani’ind igo moozoong ezhinaagozinid wadakani!” [2] Mii dash gakina gii-pi-izhaawaad jiimaanan ji-waabamaawaad ezhinaagozinid. “Geget wadakani!” ikidowag. “Mii sa manidooname!” [3] Mii dash zagaswaawaad, asemaan gaye gii-asaawaad nibiikaang. Gaa-ishkwaa-zagaswaawaad ingoji gii-ani-izhaawag. [4] Bezhig idash jiimaan miinawaa gii-izhaawag, miinawaa owaabamaawaan. Mii iw ezhi-odaapinang odanit, aw anishinaabe ogii-pazhiba’waan iniw namewan. [5] Apii dash mawaakibiiwinaad, mii iw waabamaad migiziwan agokenid imaa name oshtigwaaning. Mii dash gii-gichi-baapiwaad gakina anishinaabeg.THE HORNED STURGEON TRANSCRIBED BY WILLIAM JONESRETRANSCRIBED BY JEREMY KINGSBURY [1] Once upon a time, some people got in their canoes to look for sturgeon; they had spears; and they went out on the lake. When they looked down into the water, sometimes they saw a sturgeon. Then they speared the sturgeon. Once, one guy was heard saying: “Oo, look at how this sturgeon looks! He has horns like a moose, he has horns like him. [2] So they all came in their canoes to see how he looked. “It really does have horns!” they said. “So it’s a sacred sturgeon!” [3] So then they smoked, and put tobacco on the water. After they smoked they went their separate ways.[4] Then another canoe of people went out, and again they saw him. Then, taking his spear, the man speared the sturgeon. [5] After he brought it up from the water, he saw a bald eagle clinging to the sturgeon’s head. Then all the people had a big laugh.

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