Episode 12: S01 E12 C Form, Participle, What where When How


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S01 E12 C Form, Participle, What where When HowParticiple Formation is B:Form Conjugation and Initial vowel change, we call this C: FormSo: Bimisemagad: vii it is flying turns into Bemisemagak that which flies.To pluralize it, add -in to the ending so:Bemisemagakin: Planes Question WordsAaniin: what is it?/ How is it?Aaniindi: Where is it?Aaniish apii: When is it?Awegonen: What is it?Initial Vowel Change:A —> EAA —>AYAAE —> AYEI —> EII —>AAO —> WEOO —> WAARefresher words:Gisinaa vii: It is coldAte vii: It is in a certain placeNoondaagwad vii it is heardGimiwan vii it is rainingAwanibiisaa vii It is SprinklingAgoode vii: It is hangingWaaseyaa: vii It is sunnyMichaa: vii It is big.Giizhiitaa: vii it is done, it is readyOnizhishin: vii it is niceWese’an: vii There is a tornadoNoodin: vii It is windyGashkawan: vii there is a thick fogBiinad: vii it is cleanNiiskaadad: vii there is bad weatherMinose: vii it goes well, it is good luckBaswewe: vii it echoesMinopogwad: vii it tastes goodGikendaagwad: vii it is knownMinomaagwad: vii It smells GoodAanakwad: vii it is cloudyZoogipo: vii it is snowingMizhakwad: vii the sky is clearAabawaa: vii it is warm weatherAabadad: vii it is usedMaajiitaamagad: vii it startsBangan: vii it is peaceful ,it is tranquilZanagad: vii it is difficultBadakide: vii it is planted, it is placed in the ground, it stands up from a surface.Jiiginaagwad: vii it looks goodWiinad: vii it is dirtyGiinaa: vii it is sharpAwibaa: vii the wind is calmAwan: vii it is foggyOnaagamisin: vii the water is clearNew Words This week:Bimisemagad: vii it fliesMiikawaadad: vii it is beautifulBabakaanitaagwad: vii it sounds differentOzaawashkwaabaminaagwad: vii it looks blueAyaamagad: vii it is (somewhere)Ondin: vii the wind comes from a certain placeInakamigad: vii it happens in a certain wayIzhiwebad: vii the weather is a certain condition, it happens in a certain wayQuiz:Dialogue:Aaniin ekidong Aaniin enakagmigak Zhaaganashiimowin? What is happening?Aaniin ekidong was it windy yesterday Ojibwemowin? Gii-noodin ina bijiinaagoAaniin ekidong Aaniindi gaa-soogipong Zhaaganashiimowin? Where did it snow?Aaniin ekidong It is a difficult object Ojibwemowin? zenagakAaniin ekidong Apegish awanzinok Zhaaganashiimowin? Hopefully it isn’t foggyAaniin ekidong When will it rain Ojibwemowin? Aaniish apii gemiwangFeel free to email me at ojibwemodaapodcast@gmail.com Some Great Online Resources for Learning Minnesota Ojibwe:https://ojibwe.lib.umn.edu/ I highly recommend Wendy Makoons Genius’s Ojibwe classes at UW Eau Claire, which she makes available online to everyone:https://www.uwec.edu/academics/college-arts-sciences/departments-programs/languages/academic-offerings/online-ojibwe-language-program/ I’ll be reading from and referring back to the Oshkaabewis Native Journal Volume 4 No. 1. The article about VIIs begins on page 121. You can download a PDF here:https://www.bemidjistate.edu/airc/wp-content/uploads/sites/85/2016/03/onj-vol4-num1.pdf NOTE THAT THAT THE ZOOM MEETING HAS CHANGED!To attend the Language table: The White Earth Tribal and Community College Ojibwe Language Table meets every Tuesday starting around 7 and ending between 8 and 9. Zoom Meeting ID: 792 918 4656Password: 749886

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