๐ŸคฉInterview With IL Boi ๐Ÿคฉ Check Out His Video "$1st One Million"


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@IL Boi Is An Artist Who Is Fresh Out The Midwest. IL Boi's Journey Began As A Youngster Rapping On The Playgrounds Of Freeport, IL In 2003. He Released His First Track With A Childhood Friend. From That Point Forward, He Began To Make Music, But Due To Life Circumstances, He Took A Brief Hold From Music In 2012. After Being Out Of Music For 6 Years, IL Boi Released "NO FLY ZONE" Mixtape In March Of 2017. After Gaining Some Attention By Local Friends And Family, He Began To Start Working On Album "519!" Today "519" Has Been Dropped & Doing Huge Numbers, Especially With His Single "1st One Million!!!!" Along With Many Great Peformances And Interacting With Celebrities Like "Fabo, The Nerve DJ's, General Styles P, Jason Weaver, & Many, Many More Saluting And Giving Shout Outs Has Definitely Put This Song On The Map. For More Updates With IL Boi, Make Sure You Check Out His New Website www.ilboi.com For All The Exclusive Tracks And Free Giveaways. Keep Up The Good Work IL Boi!!!! --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/nalasden88/message

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