Mandelbrot Set in Current Events, 5D Earth, & Sacred Arithmetic w/Roman Light


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Welcome to another podcast episode of Merkaba Chakras. I’m your host, Von Galt. Today, we are going to explore the divinity of how all things are tied together in sacred mathematic proportion with the sacred arithmetic researcher, Roman Light. Roman, welcome to Merkaba Chakras!

Video interview here as well:


1. Before we dig into your work. Can you tell us your story of how you got into this work?

2. What is Sacred Arithmetic?

3. What are your thoughts in many religions 7 spiritual traditions worldwide teaching the mathematic proportions of sacred arithmetic in sacred geometry such as Sri Yantra, Star of David, and the toroidal fields of the human energy body in Buddhist Mandalas?

4. Much of what we see in Mandelbrot Sets, why are fractals a common repetition in nature?

5. What is the resonance or frequency that nature aims to achieve in all its creations according to the math?

6. If something does not fit within the geometry of sacred arithmetic, what happens to it? Is it transformed to fit into the metrics or is it deleted like deleted gene codes in DNA?

7. How will understanding the math in sacred geometry help people connect to the environment and to the universal consciousness in all of us?

8. Roman, you will be speaking in this year’s Higher Self Expo on July 17 – 18th. What can people expect to learn in your online workshop?

9. Do you have a last message for the builders of the 5th dimension Earth?

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