Episode 2 - Preparation and Integration for Ayahuasca plus how to act in an Ayahuasca ceremony


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In this Podcast we share on how to prepare for an Ayahuasca ceremony. It is a sacred ritual which is very important that it is being respected. By you following all of the guidelines you will have an easier time connecting with Ayahuasca. So it is important you prepare.

So what should you do before your ceremony. Start one week before.

  1. Diet: no lactose, no citrus fruits, no onion or garlic, no red meat and meals high in sugar. No processed food, as close to nature as possible, day before no coffee. Fasting is voluntary but make sure you have enough energy for the ceremony.
  2. Intention: Have a clear intention
  3. No drugs, including cannabis, cigarettes and alcohol
  4. Menstruation cycle: For different cultures and different facilitators have different ways of approaching this topic. A lot of communities do not want women in that phase of the month participating others have no problem with that. Talk with your facilitator about this topic.
  5. S*x. There are different aspects that go into this as well. When you do not engage in this activity before, it will be more your own energy. Another thing to consider is that you most likely will be more tired if you have engaged in this activity the day before. In general it is advised to not have s*x two days before.
  6. Medication: Consult with a doctor before. Especially antidepressants are not compatible as well as trouble with reparatory and heart disease you should be very, very, very careful. This is not medical advice.

Through the diet and preparation for Ayahuasca certain processes are already started within you.
Let's continue with the Do's and Don'ts in an Ayahuasca ceremony:
You are about to drink your first cup of Ayahuasca and you want to know what to do and not to do during a ceremony? This video is for you!

Before drinking Ayahuasca it is advised to try complimentary medicine to Ayahuasca like Sananga, hapey or tobacco to get you grounded and in the present moment.

2 hours before the ceremony, only drink a little water, same goes for during the ceremony. If you drink during the ceremony it should be used as medicine.

When you receive the cup of Ayahuasca it is good to (in your mind) introduce yourself to Ayahuasca and state your intention.

Sit upright and do not vomit in the first 10 minutes of the ceremony so Ayahuasca can work in your body.

You might notice your thoughts becoming very loud, smile at them and start to surrender to Ayahuasca. Different meditations techniques you have been working on will help you in the process.

What do you do if you don’t feel anything? Even if you do not feel anything, Ayahuasca is still working inside you in a subtle way. Pay attention. Also start to let go of expectations.

How many cups should you drink? It is good to drink a second cup to go deeper and more if you feel is helpful for your process. Make sure you do not make a decision based out of fear.

Very important, also do not help other people during the Ayahuasca ceremony. You are sensitive and it is more likely that you are thrown off balance than you are really helping. Trust the people who are facilitating the ceremony.

Throughout the ceremony keep a positive mind. Through gratitude you can also learn how to navigate throughout your journey. Singing and dancing also helps to transform energy within.

And of course don’t bring your cellphone and other valuable to the ceremony as you might lose them.
In the podcast you also find different tipps for integration your experience. Really looking and feeling into what in your day to day life is serving you and what is better to let go of.
If you have any questions, let us know.

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