Everything You’ve Been Told About Money is WRONG | Ramit Sethi on Impact Theory


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Simple and practical financial advice sounds familiar, but is rarely ever truly given. Maybe you have access to financial advisors you trust and maybe you don’t. Understanding for yourself that money, investing and living a rich life is much simpler than you could imagine is the most important thing for you to remember. Ramit Sethi has joined me twice before to bring you sound financial advice and he delivers again. He shares investing strategies worth considering if you are looking to create wealth. Even if you’re a modest investor, you’ll want to hear how he breaks down the truth behind hidden investment fees, advice for couples to understand the root of their money problems and solutions for those never-ending disagreements around finances. This episode will give you the tools you need to reconsider your investment strategy, how you approach money and why, and the best way to move towards living the rich life, however you define it!

Check Out Ramit’s 1st Interview on Impact Theory: https://youtu.be/mokyNBWZ8wg

Check Out Ramit’s 2nd Interview on Impact Theory: https://youtu.be/mokyNBWZ8wg

Order Ramit Sethi’s book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich: https://amzn.to/2VmKbKk


0:00 | Introduction Ramit Sethi

1:42 | Current Financial Situation

2:31 | Low Fees Exposed

5:13 | What Great Investing Is

7:28 | Investing Isn’t Quick Money

10:53 | Understand Compound Growth

14:44 | Protecting Your Wealth

16:04 | Wealth Accumulation Strategy

26:51 | Low Cost Low Fee Funds

31:22 | Gamifying Investing

33:34 | Investment Journey

35:47 | Love and Money Solutions

42:35 | Couple with Separate Accounts

44:35 | Women Having Higher Income

49:09 | Pivotal Financial Conversations

53:43 | Spender Saver Couples


“Investing is not about excitement. You want excitement get a dog [...] Investing is boring. It's like watching concrete dry and it should be” [12:23]

“The best investors are humble. They know that nobody knows anything.” [15:13]

“Trading is the enemy. For real investment returns. We want boring, simple, that's where the real money is made.” [16:58]

“Be humble enough to recognize you do not want to be a professional money manager [...] [most people] spend more time looking at a Yelp review for dinner on Sunset than they do picking their investments.” [23:45]

“Most people would rather pay $250,000 in hidden fees, then pay $10,000 out of their pocket.” [28:04]

“The $30,000 question [couple] should really be asking is, how do we set up a system that lets us honor each other's financial desires.” [43:40]

“When partners think about money, the way that they usually relate to it is they know something that they disagree about. They try to [put] a Band Aid over it, paper over it until it blows up.” [52:46]

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