The Superpower of Your Words (Choose Wisely)


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We’ve all done it: we’ve accidentally (or even consciously) insulted or labeled ourselves or someone else. Maybe it was the time you forgot your keys and locked yourself out, scored poorly on an exam because you didn’t study —- or maybe you did study and the material just didn’t sink it. What we say about ourselves in these moments when we’re unhappy with ourselves (and/or others) matters. A lot. Words are energy. As Einstein once informed us, everything is energy. So when we put out into the Universe that we are “forgetful” or “stupid” or “careless” or “lazy” or “unsuccessful” or ( _____ fill in the blank) we are putting energy out that is not alignment with who we truly are. No, we’re not perfect; we are divine and imperfect. Each of us is here to heal, to grow and evolve into our next best version. When we consciously shift how we speak about ourselves and others (even ever so subtly), our energy and vibration rise. Small changes are significant and even our increased self awareness when it happens (and then combatting it with an affirmation) makes a positive difference. Our words are our superpowers so let’s be more conscious of our word choices in how we speak as well as how we think. We can’t choose what comes up in our minds every moment but we can become more aware of it in the present moment and call ourselves out. Each time we do we move closer to aligning with our innate badassery and divinity. You deserve this; we all deserve this. So don’t beat yourself up about it or perpetuate patterns of the past; let’s rise through them, shift and move on to the good stuff.

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