EP 35 - Lessons I Learned In Season 2 (Part Two)


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Continuing on from last episode, I am excited to recap episodes 26 to 33 and talk about the lessons that I have learned from these guests!

First up is EP26….have you ever ugly snot cried when hearing someone’s story? Well, let’s just say my guest for this episode got to see a whole bunch of snot crying on our zoom call! My beautiful friend Alison joined me to talk about her love story with her late husband Chuck and the grief process since his death. Their love transcends this earth and I know that Chuck is with her while she now travels the country in her pink car and trailer, her Odyssey of Love…in Pink. Alison has an incredible Lovumentary coming out this spring that I am so incredibly excited to see…..I will be sure to spread the news when it is released….Alison reminded me how important love is, not just in a marriage but in everything that we do. Love is it…..when we have that in our lives, anything is possible.

On EP27 I had the honour and privilege to interview Theoren Fleury. One day I gathered allll the courage I could muster up and I made the decision to ask him if he’d be on my podcast to talk about his hard beautiful journey. And obviously he said yes and yes, I screamed OUT LOUD in the Starbucks drive through line when I got the news. And yes, it’s true I legit almost passed out right before hitting the Admit button on our Zoom call. But Theo is someone that makes you feel comfortable and is such an amazing person to talk to. His journey has been more than hard, he’s had immense trauma in his life. But what he has taught me is that even in your darkest times, there is a way out and there is a way to ask for help. He reminded us all that people with mental health challenges are not in the minority, we are the MAJORITY. And it’s time ta stand up for the 5 out of 5.

On EP28 my very dear friend Shawna was here to talk about her very difficult struggle with Anxiety and mental health and how she had to continually advocate for herself until she found the strategies that worked for her. Shawna shared so much great insight, please be sure and check out that full episode if you haven’t already. Shawna reminded me that not everyone has lived your experience so they may not know how to support you the way you expect them to. That hit me hard and made me rethink some relationships I have and I am so grateful for that reminder.

On EP29 I had the absolutely beautiful soul and musician Leah Campbell on the show to talk about her song “Won’t Let You Fall”. If you’ve been listening since the beginning of Season 2 you would have heard this song a few times. I needed to know how that song came to her and unfortunately it came from the death of her friend committing suicide. What Leah taught me is that even in the depths of grief and pain, God is there to show you the next best step and in Leah’s case, he put a pen in her hand and gave her the words to help heal so many people around the world.

On EP30 I had the privilege of interviewing Karen Simba of Livings Works. Living Works is the world leader in suicide prevention training solutions. She summarized the training programs that Living Works offers to train and prepare individuals like me and you, as well as organizations and communities to make a difference, to help save lives. Karen taught me that there are even more ways that one person can help save a person from taking their own life and every one of us can be that life preserver, they are here to help so please consider reaching out to them.

On EP31 my beautiful friend Tyler was here to talk about her journey to finding a mediation and wellness practice that fills her soul and gives her such profound peace, and her mission to help others discover this in their own lives. Tyler taught me a way of thinking about meditating that I hadn’t tried before our interview and since we’ve talked I have implemented and it’s made a huge difference in how long I can now meditate and the quality of my sessions has greatly improved, so thank you friend!

On EP32 my soul sister and beautiful friend Shannon was on the show and yeah, I have so much that I could say about this woman and our conversation. She radiates love and light and I couldn’t be more proud of the work that she is doing and preparing to do. Shannon has a beautiful gift of being able to truly SEE people, to their core and help them realize their full potential. Can you imagine a greater gift than having Shannon as your coach….

On EP33 the incredibly beautiful and joyful Jessica Janzen was on the podcast. Jess radiates PURE JOY and every time I am in the same space as Jessica you can FEEL how passionate she is about so many dang things but most importantly is wanting people to show up in their lives…..show up now, and don’t wait for the tradgedy or wake up call…..wake up now and live your life to the fullest. She also taught me that you can bring joy to other people’s lives by acting on nudges from your heart - you never know whose life you are impacting for the better when you follow those nudges.

When I return in mid April, I will have more great guests as well as episodes where it will just be little ole me giving you my thoughts on a variety of topics. I have a lifetime of stories and experiences that I’d love to share with you. I believe when you use your voice, you ignite your soul to your true purpose. I hope you will consider sharing your story with me and my listeners. If you are interested, please be sure and check out my website at www.mstiffvaughan.com/podcast to submit your story.

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