Beat Autoimmune Disease with Palmer Kippola


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In this episode of Functional Medicine Research, I interview Palmer Kippola on how to beat autoimmune disease and her new book "Beat Autoimmune: The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health". We had a great talk walking through her F.I.G.H.T.S. protocol which includes food, infections, gut health, hormones, toxins, and stress. Our focus in this interview was on practical strategies for those with autoimmune disease to implement right away into their lives. Palmer has dealt with autoimmune disease herself, so she offers a unique perspective. Full Transcript on How to Beat Autoimmune Disease with Palmer Kippola Dr. Hedberg: Greetings everyone, and welcome to "Functional Medicine Research." I'm Dr. Hedberg, and I'm looking forward to my conversation today with Palmer Kippola. She's a best-selling author, speaker, and functional medicine certified health coach who specializes in helping people reverse and prevent autoimmune conditions. She developed a framework called F.I.G.H.T.S, which stands for food, infections, gut health, hormone balance, toxins, and stress to help others beat autoimmune conditions based on her two-decade battle to overcome multiple sclerosis. Her book is "Beat Autoimmune: The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health," with a foreword by Mark Hyman. And as she shares the science stories and strategies to help people heal and thrive, today she provides total health transformation programs for people who seek to heal from any autoimmune condition by addressing the root causes head-on with functional lab testing and comprehensive mind-body strategies. She also serves a growing community of people in a guided online membership program called Beat Autoimmune Academy. Palmer, welcome to the show. Palmer: Thank you so much, Dr. Hedberg. It's such a pleasure to be here. Dr. Hedberg: Right. So, as I mentioned in the bio, you dealt with multiple sclerosis. So, I'm sure there's a story there. So, why don't you walk us through your healing journey, what that was like, and that whole process? Palmer: Sure, sure. I do need to take you back in time a little bit because I was diagnosed at 19. Let me tell you the story. I was a happy, healthy, well-adjusted 19-year-old, by all accounts. I was home for summer after my freshman year of college, and I was working as a hostess in a restaurant. And one day I woke up and the soles of my feet were tingling, like that feeling you have when you've slept on a limb too long, when the blood flows back, it gets all tingling. But this particular morning, the blood wasn't flowing back. But I thought it'll just go away, so I went off to work. And the tingling just continued to creep up my legs like a vine. It got to my knees and by that time, I knew something was really wrong. So, I called my parents who called the family doctor who said, "Get her over to the neurologist at UCLA today." And we did. That's where we were that afternoon. And this particular neurologist had me do really simple heel-toe walking across her floor and tapped my reflexes. And after about five or six minutes, pronounced that she was 99% certain that I had MS, multiple sclerosis. And if she was right, there was nothing I could do except take medication. And we were absolutely shocked. Remember, this was in the mid-80s, so there was no guidebook, there was nothing. We had never heard of MS. And we just left that office completely confused, devastated, and with very little hope. But I was sent home and that night, my mom lay in bed with me and she was holding me and I was crying and she was crying and it turned out that all of the parts of my body that had been tingling, which by the time I got to the neurologist's office, it had reached right under my collarbone, so all the way up, full body. And then by the time we got into bed that night, all my body went completely numb from the neck down and I would stay numb for a full six weeks. So,

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