EU261: How to Use Whitelisting to Get More Facebook Ads Sales


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In this episode, the guys dive into their experience with whitelisting Facebook ads. Whitelisting in marketing means working with influencers to utilize their social accounts to promote your products. The guys talk about the benefit of having personalized ads, the power of an influencer’s video, and the benefit of promoting through their social pages.

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Jason: We’re using other people’s Facebook pages to promote our product with a video from that page.

Kevin: it’s getting more and more difficult for businesses to, you know, get a sale on Facebook. That’s using, you know, their own brand.

Jason: Facebook is really good at sending traffic to your offer, but if you’re off offers crap, it’s just not going to work.

Jen: You’re listening to eCommerce Uncensored with Kevin Monell and Jason Caruso

Kevin: Thank you for joining us. On another episode of eCommerce Uncensored. My name is Kevin Monell and I’m here with

Jason: Jason Caruso.

Kevin: So before we get started today, I want to touch on our, our email program that we’re running, that we’ve been talking about for the last couple of weeks. And we’ve been hearing from a lot of people who need some help with their email.And we started this program a couple of weeks back, and it’s really been nice to hear from people cause it’s been a long time or it’s a long time coming for us to actually connect with our audience. And what we’re doing is were having people text us the word. EMAIL to 8 2 8 4 4 6 4 3 0 7 4 5. You’ll get an automatic response from us.
And we’ll ask you a couple of questions about your website and your email and what you’re currently doing. And we’ll see if there’s a fit there and see if we can help you with your email, grow your revenue percentage in email. And, um, we go from there and it’s been really nice connecting with a lot of you out there.

Jason: We actually have to return a couple emails that I haven’t retired yet. Um, yeah. And that’s, um, We’ve been going through some stuff, calf, we’ve been going through some, some business stuff. And, um, Mike, if you’re listening, I don’t mean, I don’t mean to like, not respond to your email. Um, we’ve just been going through some things and, um, actually someone else, Kevin, we spoke to you last week that we have to respond.
What was his name? Kyle.

Kevin: Kyle. Yeah, Kyle. Okay. And then there was someone else who wanted some, actually some consulting help, which was interesting too to she hasn’t emailed. Yeah. Okay. A lot of balls in the air, Jason.

Jason: Right.

Kevin: So that’s cool. So today I wanted to talk to you about something kind of, kind of new that we’ve started using.
We’ve been talking about it. We actually talked about it with, um, low Silva and you’re actually going to be on this podcast coming up here soon. I am going to be on Los’ podcast.

Jason: I believe the 17th.

Kevin: And he has a big business on, on using influencers and how to use influencers. And with our, one of our clients, we started actually using some of his techniques for not his techniques, but like white listing on Facebook ads, which means, um, and, and we use influencer videos on some of our branded content and some of our branded ads that we run on Facebook.
So this is a little bit different and I’m sure you’ve, you’ve seen companies do that. And that is actually running ads. Uh, using their influencers actual page. So what that means is you run an ad and the profile that it uses for the ad is not your business. It’s actually that influencers Facebook page or Instagram page.
That makes sense. Well, no,

Jason: you’re, you’re using someone else’s ad account as well. So you’re using someone who is in the niche, right? Who looks like your.

Kevin: Right. Exactly. If you have, you know, if you’re using influencers like that, you have someone who matches that profile your target demographic. This is a perfect way to do it.

Jason: And I just want to be clear about this because there, this is not a, um, uh, what’s the word, but this is more of like using someone else’s ad account to run your ads. But it’s almost like user generated

Kevin: content. Well, let me just clarify that Jason, before you go. So you’re in this entire situation and I don’t think in any situation you actually use their ad account.
It’s actually the way the Facebook business manager is set up that, um, that influencers Facebook page or Instagram page can give your ad account access to run ads on their page. Right.

Jason: But you’re right. You’re not exactly. I got. The thing that the reason I’m saying that Kevin is because that’s going to change depending on how big the company is and whether or not you have like a business where you can pull it into, right?
Like sometimes you may have to use their account. No,

Kevin: I guess, I mean, it depends on your relationship too. If someone wants to just give you access to their ad account. I mean, in this case, you, you want to kind of bring it into your business managers because you want to pay for the ads. Like you want to put your credit card, you want to use your payment, Matt.
In the Facebook ad when you’re running it. So it gets a little tricky when you go into someone else’s ad account, and then you’re putting your credit card in there, you’re paying for their ads through their ad account. Right?

Jason: So the way that this is different than user generated content is that user generated content, you would run that using your ad account specifically.
So let’s say e-commerce uncensored. We would have ads of our customers. Promoting the product under e-commerce and center.

Kevin: Yeah. You actually acquire that content and that situation, you acquire the content. Like you download it from them. They send it to you, you, you purchase it from them or whatever it may be.
And then you insert it into your ads, using your Facebook profile, your business, Facebook.

Jason: Right. So you’re just using their video as your video on your, your

Kevin: content for your ad Right?

Jason: In this case, though, this is actually different. This is actually taking that same video, that user generated content, that video that they created and they, and then you use that under their Facebook page.
So in our case, if I was running ads, Jason, I would have a video that basically was promoting a product and it’s under my eat my Facebook page, which is Jason Caruso. Right. And now that, that ad my video is being used under my account. That’s

Kevin: basically the idea. Right. And you have some sort of content, then it shouldn’t be like a, um, a commercial type content.
It should actually be, look like authentic. User-generated content that you’ve created, but you know, it promotes the product that you’re trying to sell online. I mean, I

Jason: think that goes that’s that’s you can decide whether

Kevin: or not you want to do that, right. That, yeah. I mean, I, I

Jason: mean, I think you can test anything.
I don’t think there’s like a right and a wrong way to do it, but I think in our case, what’s working really well for us is actually more of an authentic. Type video. I don’t, I just, I just don’t wanna like generalize it kind of like, I don’t want to say don’t do this. I want people to know, like, look, test anything you want.
What’s working for us is more of a genuine type, authentic video with somebody who looks like our customers selling the product.

Kevin: And it’s been so interesting to see. Because in the world of Facebook ads right now, we all know it’s been difficult. We talk about it, our ads aren’t performing like they were before.
And like I’ve said, like, even on the last episode, it’s like the evolution of this media channel that we’re using and it’s getting more and more difficult for businesses to, you know, get a sale on Facebook ads using, you know, their own brand or whatever. So I see this, it’s like the social aspect of it. It’s so obvious to me that like, people are just more attracted when they see a person, you know, the, the, the trust prep, the trust factor behind it, the, um, the social proof behind it just adds that connection with the person. The subscription market is predicted to grow to nearly $500 billion by 2025, as a fast growing area in commerce subscriptions, hold tremendous opportunity to build a community of customers who share your. You know, because when you see a product from a business, like it’s great, it’s a good entry point for someone to actually see the product, but it has a different level of communication when you can actually show a person using the product and the messaging coming directly from.

Jason: Well, and the other thing, the other thing that I think that people don’t do enough, um, and in this case, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s really important because the product is like an invented product.
But in this case, like I’m actually using the product, right? Not just like telling you how great it is telling you what it does for you telling you all these things, like actually like demonstrating what the product is doing. Um, also because. You know, people are skeptical. They’re always going to be skeptical.
I mean, we’re, we’re dealing with that in the golf business, right? Like everybody is skeptical. Everybody thinks that you’re lying or trying to sell them or, you know, whatever. Everybody has something to sell. And I was thinking about this before, when you were talking, you know, I, I know we like to say that Facebook ads aren’t working, but it’s not really. Facebook ads aren’t working it’s that the cost has gone up so high that, unless you’re really good at increasing that order value, it’s very difficult to make money. Right? It’s not a matter of if there were everybody thinks like, oh, Facebook ads aren’t working anymore. Like it’s not really that it’s more, that it’s so expensive that it’s hard to be profiting. Um, and the other thing is like not to get off tangent here, but you know, your offer, uh, this is something, again we’re dealing with. It’s like you have an offer that some people are buying and it’s great. You always get like the hyper buyers. Right. But if that offer isn’t. It doesn’t really matter what the ad is doing.
I was just watching a presentation on this from a guy from 2020, from 2020, who spent $25 million on Facebook. And he basically said like, look, you know, Facebook is really good at sending traffic to your offer, but if you’re off offers crap, it’s just not going to work. I mean, it’s something we’ve been preaching for a really long time.
Like an irresistible offer is exactly that. I mean, irresistible. And if you don’t have that. It doesn’t matter what your ads are doing or what they say or any of that. It’s not going to work.

Kevin: Yeah. And it’s, and it’s so important to try so many different things. And this is just another level of, of, of testing something new, you know, and I.
When we do this, you know, I think a lot of people think be like, oh, in order to do this white list thing, I got to get this whole high profile person who everybody knows and that’s, what’s going to drive this thing, but I, I really don’t think you need that. You just need that personalized approach. Like I, I think you could even, and we’ve done it with our businesses. Jason, we’ve noticed. You know, increases in sales when we do, for instance, like Jason Crusoe golf, as opposed to like our J Mo brand or something like that. Or even with our wildlife magazine, we did it under our, you know, our partner’s name and had some more success than we did throw it through the business’s name.
So, and we don’t have big followings or anything like that. So I almost think like you hit almost. Almost create a profile. If you had to, if you wanted to test it out under your personal name and make it seem like it’s a personal influencer type thing and test it out using that in until you you’re able to, you know, create some relationship with some influencers, we’ll do this for you.

Jason: Yeah. I mean, but I, I think, you know, the way that, that the best way to do is send them your product. And say like, Hey, would you, I mean, you don’t have to get them to like, do as big production, like sending up your product is like, Hey, would you mind doing like a review on it? And then we want the rights to the video.
That’s even easier than trying to create relationships. Right? Like give them your product. If they love it, they’ll do it. And if they don’t love it, they won’t do it right. It’ll save you a lot of time and a lot of energy, but this has been something, uh, we, like we said, we spoke to lo Silva about this. He was on our podcast.
I don’t remember what episode it is. And I always laugh when people just know the episode that these people are on, you know, they do, they do the research. And obviously I, I wasn’t planning on bringing him up, but it is true that, um, this is actually been a really bright spot. Um,

Kevin: Especially cause there’s that, there’s that opportunity.
It’s a good point that you made about like sending them your products because there’s so many people out there that, you know, are at that level where they’re like trying to break through or, you know, they have like 10,000, 20,000 followers, which is a decent amount they’ve they’ve gotten to that point, that to get a free product is, you know, or to have like a topic to talk about. Right. And that’s like to give them, and that’s like a whole nother thing.

Jason: Like obviously you don’t want to send your product to people with a million followers or 500,000. Cause they’re getting products every single day. You want to go to the smaller people, which is going to be a whole nother episode, but you can go like to the smaller piece.
Um, and I mean smaller by, in terms of followers like 10,000, 15,000, 20,000. Again, the idea is not how big their following is their idea. The idea is to get someone who looks like your customer, creating a video for you.

Kevin: Yeah. And that’s kind of been the most successful thing that we’ve been doing lately on, on, on Facebook ads is that user, gender Cain content on our, on our own business pages and using this Whiteley labeling technique.
Yeah, and that’s a whole nother thing.

Jason: Like you send them a product, you can then start the conversation like, Hey, uh, we want to white label. We want to bring your ad your, your, your page into our ads manager. We want to, you know, use this video and in return you can keep the product. So,

Kevin: yeah, that’s also a good way to get some proof of concept and some just the product out there, people using it, you know, because those people too are probably going to create their own content that they’re going to put on their own page just organically.
So it’s just a really good way. We had our, you know, Our doubts about influencer marketing, you know, years ago, but, well, that’s organic, organic influencer marketing.

Jason: We really still, I mean, I still don’t think it’s a real big, like

Kevin: I don’t personally, I know to be consistent, you need to be at least making it to do it a lot.

Jason: And you need to like, you know, uh, You really need to stay on top of the people. I mean, there’s, there’s a whole nother, that’s a whole nother thing, but the point of this is, is that we’re seeing some really great traction, some good results with you with white labeling, uh, our client’s products, um, where we’re using other people’s Facebook pages to promote our. With a video from that page.

Kevin: Yeah. And the functionality of it has been pretty easy, honestly, it’s like I was concerned about, you know, not ha the influencer, not understanding what they needed to do to give us access to the ad account and things like that. And it’s just a matter of them, you know, inviting them into your, into their, um, Facebook page, you know, giving them a role on your Facebook page so that you can then run ads through it.
So it’s been, that part has been pretty, pretty seamless. So. And then you get like, and then it was last week. The comments started rolling in on some of these white listing ads. And you can stay up on those too, because people are, you know, responding and commenting a lot because it’s coming from that personal approach.
Then you can jump in and as a, as a company, respond back to some questions. Also have the influencer respond back to some of your questions, some of the questions that are coming in. So that’s another angle that you, you can grow. Using that, uh, using that technique? Absolutely. All right, cool. That was a short one.
Short, sure. One, but

Jason: the, the idea of it all the, the point of it all was it’s very important. Um, it’s an, and, and, you know, it’s just something that’s working that we wanted to put out there.

Kevin: All right, guys, once again, you need some help with your email growing your revenue in email, text the word. EMAIL to 8 2 8 4 4 6 4 3 0 7 4 5. And as always you can get jumped. I got a little excited as always. You can check us out at e-commerce on and we’ll talk to you guys real soon.

Jason: Later.

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