From Studying to Living with Alzheimer‘s Disease: A Conversation with Dr. Daniel Gibbs


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Neurologist and author Daniel Gibbs, PhD, joins the podcast to discuss his recent book, “A Tattoo on My Brain,” which details his journey from treating Alzheimer’s disease clinically for 25 years to being diagnosed with early-stage Alzheimer’s. Dr. Gibbs discusses early signs he experienced and daily life with the disease, as well as thoughts on the recent FDA-approved treatment aducanumab (marketed as Aduhelm).

Guest: Daniel Gibbs, PhD, neurologist

Episode Topics
  • What inspired the title of your book, “A Tattoo on the Brain”? 1:01

  • What were these early signs of Alzheimer's disease that you recognized in yourself? 3:42

  • What were your impressions of the clinic process, and where is there room for improvement? 8:08

  • Can you share your view on family history? 9:17

  • What do you say to people about direct-to-consumer genetic testing, both as a recipient and as a clinician? 10:57

  • Did knowing your risk of Alzheimer's disease help or harm you? 12:42

  • Did you find any habit difficult to incorporate into your day? 13:17

  • How important was it for you to be involved in research and what did you gain from being a research participant? 17:15

  • How do you feel about the recent FDA approval of aducanumab for clinical use? 20:25

  • As a patient, would you sign up for this drug, and if you were still working as a neurologist, would you prescribe this drug? 22:59

  • How do you find the balance between enjoying daily life and engaging proactive activities meant to improve the future? 24:49

  • How can we reframe the way people understand Alzheimer's disease? 28:18

  • Was it difficult to publicly discuss your experience, and what have you learned from this process? 29:52

  • What do you hope the reader takes away from your book? 31:15

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