How a 21-Year-Old Purchased 30 Units with Zero Money Down


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It is 100% possible to purchase commercial real estate with no money down, Cody Davis, a 21-Year-Old shares how he already purchased 30 units with no money of his own, with seller financing, following up, and asking for it.

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How much money did you use to buy your properties?
I had no money of my own in the deals and I had to come up with money. The zero down isn't quite true, because it takes money but doesn't have to be your money. So I had to come up with $125,000 for each twelveplex, that's 250k. And $90,000 for the sixplex, they were all seller financed. So they were lower down payments, but it was no money on my own.

How did you convince the seller to carry the first loan?
As far as convincing the seller, this is the first time I’ve ever worked with him and ever spoken to him, so I had to learn about his story. I met up with him and I asked him how he got started. He started out with a sixplex, it was his very first property. He bought it for $90,000 around 2004. But he bought it with 10% down, that was $9,000, he traded nine grand for a sixplex, he lived in one of the units, the owner financed for him. He wanted to buy the land next to it, but he didn’t have the $2,000 to buy it. This was all of his money. And today, he has a handful of properties. He is doing brand new developments, single family communities, apartment buildings.

I just went through and asked him how he did it, what he started with, what his thoughts were on how to get started. He said, you need to find someone who will seller finance you a property. I said, Okay, will you seller finance me this property? He said, Sure.

How did you find the $125,000 second loan?
I asked the owner of the firm, I got this opportunity, can you help me out? We looked at the numbers and he said, Yes, it makes sense, let’s do it. He helped fund it. It’s about asking for help, it doesn’t have to be a one person show. You don’t have to be self made because you’re going to grow based off of your interactions with others.

What were some of the things that people said no to? And how were you able to overcome that?
I had a lot of help starting out. But the objections that I got, and it’s good to know the objections, such as you haven’t done this before, you’re young, you’ve never seen this much money in your life. Those are some of the objections. I am a Grant Cardone guy, I love to study from him. That’s just a complaint. They’re complaining that they didn’t start this young, in my mind. And so I had to flip it, I said, that’s the reason we should do this, because if you were in this position, you would want the same opportunity. Now, this is how I’m going to protect your money. Once the property stabilized, it’s worth $1M. To back that up, I got an offer and I’m going to be selling this twelveplex. As long as things move forward, we’re going to close. The financials are all good with the bank and I helped them sell a couple properties, so they’re 1031 exchanging it, but I got the value up to where I projected it would be. If they had to foreclose on me, I just presented as The property has $560,000 in debt with the seller, if you foreclose on me, you’re getting a million dollar property with a $560k debt for $125,000 in one year, that’s a good ROI, so let’s do this, just like the sixplex I purchased.

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