#23 (ENG) "Area and Wide"


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Welcome to Clairstone! In this episode, you will learn how to use the English words "area" and "wide".
Hello everyone, my name is Jasmine, and you are listening to the English ClAIRSTONE Podcast, where you can build the cornerstone of your English vocabulary! For all our new listeners, welcome to the community, and for our regulars, hello again! Before we start, I will remind you that we upload new episodes twice a week and there are transcripts for each podcast episode in English, Arabic, and Spanish at our website projectclair.org, so go check that out if you want to follow along!

Today we will look at the words “area” and “wide.”

The noun “area,” spelled A-R-E-A, means a specific or certain space or surface. In a general meaning, the word “area” means a body of surface or extent of space, and it can be a geographic region or just a table surface.

The specific meaning of the word “surface,” is for either mathematics or boundaries. In mathematics, the area of a shape or thing is the number of unit squares equal to the measure of the surface. For boundaries, an area is defined by the limits of space, so the area is the space inside those limits.

A third definition of the word “area,” is for a field or scope of a concept. What this means is that if you say you are “teaching in the area of math,” then your focus or specialty is in the field of study: math.

The adjective “wide”, spelled W-I-D-E, can be used to describe either a general or a specific area or space or to describe a variety. General use of the word “wide,” means an area or space is vast, big, or extensive (these are all synonyms to the word “wide”). An example sentence is, “The room was so wide that the big sofa fit without touching any walls!”

If space is described with a specific meaning of “wide,” it is usually described with a number or measurement. So if you are measuring the couch, for example, if the couch is “5 meters wide,” then you have a specific measurement of the couch from side to side.

Lastly, the word “wide” can describe a variety or range of things in a unit or assortment. If there is a “wide variety of candies,” it means there are many types of candies in the box or unit being talked about.

Well, that is it for today’s episode! This was the Clairstone Podcast, and for the full transcript for all our episodes, you can click on the info icon on our platform or go to our website projectclair.org. I hope you will start to use the words “area” and “wide” in your English practice, and I will see you next time! Bye, everyone!

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