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Join Bob Goodwin, Founder at Career Club for a fast-paced and informative discussion with Chomps co-Founders, Pete Maldonado and Rashid Ali. Chomps has been offering delicious, better-for-you meat snacks for several years and recently secured an $80MM in investment. If you're looking for a brand that values the environment, animal welfare, and nutrition, then Chomps is for you. Plus you'll learn about their company culture (7 core values) and much more!
This is our very first "Cool Companies You Should Know" episode where we feature executives from rapidly growing, well-funded companies who share their brand's purpose, their leadership and culture style, and the kind of talent they are looking for to fuel future growth.
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Bob Goodwin: (00:14)
Hey everybody welcome. This is Bob Goodwin, founder of career club, and really excited to welcome you guys to the first episode of cool companies. You should know. We decided to start launching a separate LinkedInLive here, as well as podcasts to help feature companies that we're trying to encourage people to actively consider at career club. We believe that there are so many great companies out there that are getting funding. They've got momentum, they're hiring but oftentimes they're companies that you just may not have ever heard of. So as a way of showcasing those kinds of companies and helping them rise above sort of the ocean of, you know, online job postings, we've decided to create this series to help highlight the companies in this series. We'll be you learning things like what makes their brand unique and what's their purpose. A little bit about the company's leadership style, as well as the culture that they're building at the company.
Bob Goodwin: (01:11)
And then lastly, learning more about the kind of talent that they're looking to hire that could be functionally like sales or marketing, but could also be things like we need people that are with ambiguity. We need people that are very agile learners, things like that. So we're really excited to begin the first episode with the co-founders of chomps, Pete Malden, Nado, and Rashid Ali. And this conversation was taped just last week and we really hope that you enjoy it and would love any comments that you've got. I'll be monitoring the comments here during the live, but realizing that this was a prerecorded conversation. So with that let's get started and I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation, buddy. My name's Bob Goodwin, and welcome to our first episode of cool companies you should know about here at career club. We are often in encouraging people to explore fast young, well funded companies and today's guest at Chomps no exception to that. So without further ado, I would love to welcome Rashid Ali and Pete Maldonado to the show. Welcome guys.
Pete Maldonado: (02:17)
Thanks for having us.
Bob Goodwin: (02:19)

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