Q&A 424: Giant News Flash Episode Of Random, Shocking, Groundbreaking Information on Longevity, Muscle & More, Biohacking ADD & ADHD, Is Ritalin Healthy, & Much More!


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News Flashes – Follow Ben on Twitter for more…11:30
  • New drug reverses age related mental decline *within days*!

  • a proposal to give us patches that make us allergic to meat and smart drugs that make us want to have fewer babies, all for "climate change" management

  • Oh hooray - more sex makes you live longer! (at least, if you're a naked mole rat) (see conclusions)

  • In the most recent longevity biomarker study, HIGHER LDL-P levels were protective against death and myocardial infarction

  • Want to build muscle? Get STRONG first

  • Researchers find how to stop muscle mass loss as you age (kind of interesting because bodybuilders have been using post-workout arachidonic acid for years to do this same thing!)

  • This study backs up what I've been saying for a long time - one of the best ways to build muscle is to maintain high blood levels of essential amino acids (EAA's), particularly during training sessions

  • That charcuterie plate and glass of wine just might be extending your life
Special Announcements...53:30 Listener Q&A: Is Ritalin Healthy? (And Natural Alternatives To Ritalin)...59:06

Elle asks: I am a triathlete, I'm a Yogi, and I also have ADHD. I was prescribed Ritalin recently, which has helped me a lot, except that it's compromised the quality of my deep sleep. I have a very excitable parasympathetic nervous system. I do a lot of different yoga and different breathing exercises, transcendental meditation and prayer to help reactivate my parasympathetic nervous system to balance it. However, I still have issues with my deep sleep. Aside from supplements, biohacks, breathing, yoga and exercises, I was wondering if you could help me with this one. Thanks so much for taking the time.

What Your Pee Can Tell You About Your Body...1:10:30

Ben Pollack asks: Hey, Ben Pollack here from Pemberton, British Columbia. Thanks for all the hard work and the amazing information that you bring for us so that we can live an amazing life. My burning question is about pee. Sometimes when I pee it's foamy. Sometimes it's not foamy, and sometimes it's in-between. Is there something that pee tells us? And if so, what? Thanks very much.

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