PART TWO OF BOUNDARIES: Why they Matter and how to Create Them!


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When communicating with others I expect respectful honest and clear communication from others, and I expect myself to communicate in the same way.

if you feel your boundaries have been crossed, be sure to check your list of language boundaries.


When in the company of others, I expect my personal space to be safe and respected. Please ask before touching me or invading my space. If you need more clarification, please see my list of boundaries.


When I accept you as a friend or a loved one you were expected to take great care of yourself and me. This means not putting me or my loved ones in an unsafe or compromising position. If you need more information, please see my list of boundaries on Section 3.


I expect you to respect my time if you want to be in my life, you will honor our time together. You will offer adequate notice when cancelling plans and make sure that you nurture our time together. If you need more examples of what respectful time management looks like, please see my list of boundaries in Section 4.


I expect you to treat my personal belongings and my body with respect. I know that you will treat me with love and kindness you will refer to my boundary list if you are unsure. You can find this in Section 5.


If I feel that you have placed these boundaries at risk or have over- stepped outside of my comfort zone, we will need to be apart for one week.

During this week we will both assess and review the boundaries that have been crossed. I will address whether it is valuable for us to move forward in any type of relationship. If in the week you continue to push or disrespect these terms; I will terminate correspondence immediately.

I will not break my own terms; nor will I forgive a person who chooses to sabotage a relationship with me during this week of introspection. If you choose to form an outside relationship during this week of introspection, I will assume you have decided to conclude our agreement. I will not forgive this breach of confidence; you will be excused from all terms and will never be contacted again.

Last but not least we will discuss what happens when the challenging person decides to disrespect our boundaries and doesn't much care about the consequences we are then forced to do some much more difficult choices.



RE framing the challenging persons beliefs and pointing it back at them for their own introspection as a way of making sure we don't take that in and we push it right back where it belongs.


Regardless of what you stand to lose in assets you stand to lose more in your integrity by continuing communication. GET FAR away and block this person on all platforms and notify authorities if necessary.

PULL A Gandhi:

Which simply means to do the enlightened and spiritual choice, don’t fight even when you know you are right. Pick your battles wisely, they might create their own trap by being hateful but you do not need to go down with them. Karma is real, don’t speak ill of them, let your spirit rise with unconditional love.

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