Telomere Length - The Secret to a Longer Life? - 045


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In episode 45 of the Anti-Aging Lifestyle I explain why telomere length is so important, and what you can do to optimize the length of your telomeres.

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Some highlights from the episode:

What Are Telomeres: I explain what telomeres are and why they are important.

Telomerase: What is this protein enzyme and is it one of the keys to boosting longevity?

Healthy Weight: Why does obesity have such a strong effect of telomere length?

Regular Exercise: How exercise can help, and what the best form of exercise seems to be for maximizing the length of your telomeres.

De-Stress: Stress is called the silent killer for a reason, it directly (or indirectly) attacks your telomeres and DNA!

Nutrition Facts: What is the best nutrition plan to follow to maximize telomere health and minimize cellular damage?

Green Tea: How powerful is this antioxidant powerhouse when it comes to longevity?

Fish Oil: How omega-3 fatty acids are correlated to longevity and telomeres.

Vitamin D: How do Vitamin D levels influence your telomere health?

Smoking/Drinking: Ok, most people know these aren’t good for you… but do they really have a negative effect on your telomeres?

Telomere Testing: How can you test the average length of your telomeres?

Telomerase Pill: Do I see a telomerase pill on the horizon that will make our cells immortal? Is that the answer for maximum longevity?

I finish the episode with Tomko Tip #45 where I talk about how everything in your life is either growing or dying. There isn’t much of a middle ground. It is so important to have a strong distinction between the two so that you can focus in and grow the areas in your life that are really going to fill you up and make you truly happy longterm.

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