What are the benefits of cotton underwear?


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Just as we worry too much about some things, such as choosing that outfit that we are going to wear at a late-night dinner with our friends, there are others that we hardly pay attention to, and precisely they do matter.
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Have you ever stopped to think about whether you wear the right underwear? Rather, have you ever wondered what your underwear should look like? The answer in most cases is negative, since these types of accessories that cover our intimate areas sometimes go completely unnoticed and we buy either the cheapest or the most eye-catching, but are these models really effective? How is the fabric? Does it have characteristics that ensure our intimate health?

There are many questions that you can ask yourself, as many as existing fabrics and fabrics that are likely to be the star material of our underwear, which you can get at a good price by benefiting from discount coupons on underwear from Discounts Ideal, but the reality is that only one is positioned as the best, cotton. Yes, we know that it is not sexy at all, but wearing cotton underwear is the best for taking care of our intimate area, not only because it is comfortable, but because of much more that we will tell you below. Take note!

- Balances the vaginal pH: in the case of girls it is highly recommended because cotton underwear helps keep the pH of their skin well balanced, which is normally 5.5. Otherwise, this pH is altered due to various factors, such as medications and birth control pills, which can lead to infections.

- Hypoallergenic: cotton underwear prevents skin allergies, even more so if you have very sensitive skin. With it, forget about rashes, redness and itching. Hence, it is highly recommended in case of suffering from an infection in your intimate area, since it will benefit you.

- Healthy: unlike linen or silk underwear, cotton underwear is free of chemicals, so it does not usually cause allergies or any other type of skin problems.

- Absorbent: another of its characteristics is that it is highly absorbent, which means that especially in summer it will be our great ally, since even if we sweat, it will keep us cool and offer better ventilation of the area by preventing the accumulation of moisture, since with cotton underwear moisture evaporates much faster.

- Durable: why would you want linen or silk underwear that will last you two days? Cotton is one of the most durable materials, so garments made from it usually last for several months despite washing and continuous use, and can be washed with both hot and cold water.

With this information we hope that you are already clear about what type of underwear to choose, so do not hesitate and surrender to the incredible qualities of cotton.
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