The Social Media Tutor For Baby Boomers With Joyce Feustel


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Taking on a new venture is not only for people in a certain age range or of a certain generation. Stephen Jaye’s guest today is Joyce Feustel, a LinkedIn coach and trainer who started Boomers’ Social Media Tutor at the age of 61! Through this business, she is helping many other Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) start and grow their own businesses through the effective use of social media. Each social media platform is unique, so you have to spend time doing stuff in them to get the hang of it. Listen to their conversation and discover helpful tips on how you can navigate social media, especially LinkedIn and Facebook. --- Listen to the podcast here: The Social Media Tutor For Baby Boomers With Joyce Feustel Our guest is Joyce Feustel, who started her own company that teaches Baby Boomers how to use social media. Those who know me best know that I spend most of my life around other Millennials and for us Millennials. Social media comes second nature to us. It comes very naturally. It came to us either in high school or for some of us even earlier in life. For a lot of Baby Boomers who began their lives and days before people even had personal computers, let alone getting them connected to the internet, if you remember that whole You’ve Got Mail phase if you are old enough, people who were born before that, it doesn’t come quite as naturally. Without further ado, I bring you, Joyce Feustel and her Baby Boomer social media business. --- Thank you very much for being on the show. It’s great to be here. It’s always wonderful to even have an opportunity to share what I have learned about teaching people and Baby Boomers in particular about social media, Facebook and LinkedIn primarily, and providing maybe even a few tips throughout our conversation that someone would say, “I came to be inspired and that was good but I also got a couple of practical ideas from Joyce.” How about that? “People are intrigued by the fact that I'm older and a social media consultant-trainer.” That sounds really nice. Is your customer base pretty much all Baby Boomers or do you expand a little bit beyond that particular generation range? I brand myself with the name of Boomers Social Media Tutor as a Baby Boomer myself born in 1948, an older Boomer and to my fellow Boomers. Let’s get the years straight for the readers. Baby Boomers were born between the years of 1946 and 1964. Therefore, most of my customers are Boomers. That’s the age group I enjoy working with. That said, I have helped people as young as their twenties with their LinkedIn profile, college students even. There I can help people of all ages and very few people go into LinkedIn and hang out. I compare to Tinder to use a more up-to-date dating app, where you go swipe, you’ve got your gal and your guy, whoever you are looking for and you go off of Tinder. At least, I would hope you would because you are set. With LinkedIn, my opinion is that don’t quit LinkedIn because you landed your job or your business is doing better because you went and fixed up your profile, and then you leave LinkedIn alone. You get so much more out of a site like LinkedIn when you actually hang out there and do stuff on it. I even noticed that some people pop in when they are looking for a job and whenever their current job is not going so well. Some people stay engaged regardless. You can tell by looking at how they are posting. They are not posting to get a new job. You can actually tell that they are posting because they are genuinely interested in it and certainly seems to leave a better impression on recruiters or anyone else who might be. That’s such a good point because LinkedIn is a place where you are creating your whole persona, your work persona mainly but also your opportunities where you have been involved, perhaps in a volunteer organization and leadership in some way. You can get more of a 360-degree feel for somebody. You are on LinkedIn not for you but other people.

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