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שלש משמעויות של המלה "פסח" : השגחה פרטית ופרטנית, הקב"ה חמל עלינו, גילוי שכינה בבית - Jan 22, 2021 -저자 Taragin, Rabbi Moshe
Three Meanings of the Word "Pesach" - Precision in Divine Providence; A G-d of Mercy; Encountering Shechinah at Home - Jan 22, 2021 - Shiur Given to talmidim in quarantine for Corona precautions저자 Taragin, Rabbi Moshe
Pharaoh's Hardened Heart - Jan 21, 2021 - Organizing the views regarding three questions: (1) Did Hashem really harden Pharaoh's heart? (2) Why should this warrant suffering for the Egyptians? (3) If Hashem hardened Pharaoh's heart for the sake of a greater value than Free Will, what was that greater value?…
6 Minute Siddur Snippets #231: Pesukei D’Zimra - Birchos Shema: L'Kayl Baruch (Part 1) - Jan 21, 2021 - For more of Rabbi Goldberg's Torah content, including classes, writings, and more, please visit www.rabbiefremgoldberg.org저자 Goldberg, Rabbi Efrem
10 Minute Rashi for Bo: Miracles Don't Suspend All of Nature; Scapegoating Jews; "Outing" the Egyptian Non-Legitimate Children; Did Tourists Suffer as Well - Jan 21, 2021 -저자 Taragin, Rabbi Moshe
Shemuel #84 - 18:1-5 - King David and Yehonatan, Part 2 - Jan 21, 2021 - Did King David love Yehonatan? What was the covenant about? Why did Yehonatan give his tunic, armour and weapons - and why did David accept them, after rejecting Shaul's armour and weapons? And what is the intent in describing David's success in 18:5?…
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