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VocalSpace Sessions showcases the very best Soulful House Music, from the old time classics to the latest releases. Curated by N-kat for bookings email, nkatekovs@gmail.com follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram on the handle nkatekovs / VocalSpace Copyrights go to their respective owners | I thank you for the music


Vocation Media

Le podcast d'une génération engagée qui veut s'épanouir dans sa carrière. Oser faire ses choix et être soi même. 📸 Retrouvez-nous sur instagram : https://www.instagram.com/vocation.co/ 💌 Et recevez notre newsletter : https://vocationpodcast.substack.com
Volley.FM presents Daily Vocab Fun. A short daily podcast full of fun, kid and family-friendly vocabulary learning. Featuring a rotating cast of hilarious characters that help teach a new word, how to spell it and how to use it each and every day. Plus there are some great riddles to challenge your friends, teachers, and parents. Have fun and learn every day!
スポーツや旅、自然やアートが好きな出版社、木星社 ● mokusei publishers がお送りするポッドキャスト番組です。日々感じることやみつけたことを語ります。ときどきゲストをお迎えして、未知の世界をのぞきます。 "Thursday" is where we talk about little things that we felt through everyday life - running to wandering, reading to day dreaming . A mid day in a week, it's when something happens. Hosted by mokusei publishers inc.
'El más antiguo, el más verdadero y el más bello órgano de la música, el origen del cual nuestra música debe provenir, es la voz humana' (Richard Wagner). 'La unión en grupo con otros cantantes conforma más que la suma de las partes: todas esas personas están abriendo sus corazones y almas en perfecta armonía' (John Rutter).
The monthly podcast about linguistic discrimination. Learn about how we judge other people's speech as a sneaky way to be racist, sexist, classist, etc. Carrie and Megan teach you how to stop being an accidental jerk. Support this podcast at www.patreon.com/vocalfriespod
Hosted by world renowned vocal coach John Henny, The Intelligent Vocalist delves into all things singing - from anatomy and vocal science, to performance, lessons, health, artist development and inside industry practices, Join John as he opens the door to the world of singing and gives insights gleaned from his many decades of teaching everyone from beginners to superstars, as well as training other leading voice teachers.
This podcast is for those interested in the voice, from beginners to professional stage and studio singers, speakers, voice specialists, songwriters and audio production teams. In these episodes, vocal coach and music industry veteran Judy Rodman uses her vast experience on ’both sides of the glass’ to give vocal tips, techniques and advice that can quickly improve the health, control and communicative impact of the voice. She also interviews professional singers, speakers, songwriters, coac ...
Chill Pills are ad-free, multi-artist chillout albums, seamlessly mixed to deliver a dose of happiness with every listen. Curated from wide variety of downtempo, vocal and instrumental chill out, lofi chillhop, lounge, modern classical and ambient sounds. Also available as online radio or through Alexa or Google smart speakers: ChillRadio.UpliftingPills.com
Vocals on Air ist der Podcast des Schwäbischen Chorverbandes für Chorsänger:innen und die Vokalszene. Dahinter steckt ein musikbegeistertes Team aus jungen Redakteurinnen und Redakteuren, die selbst Teil der Chor- und Vokalszene sind. Wenn Ihr mehr über uns erfahren wollt, schaut gerne mal auf unserer Homepage vorbei: http://www.vocalsonair.de.


Centre de carrière de l'Université de Genève

Le podcast de l'Université de Genève qui part à la rencontre de ses diplômé-es pour comprendre leurs parcours, leurs doutes, leurs motivations, et leur manière unique de s'épanouir dans un monde du travail en pleine mutation. Florian Parini vous invite à mieux comprendre comment se composent les itinéraires professionnels propres à chaque diplômé-e.
Just the biggest bounciest sing along dance floor fillers, after party anthems and stomping big room classics! From vocal house, to mainstream chart remixes and everything in between, this is for gym, beach, club, pool, after party, or whenever. Guaranteed no gaps, no junk, and no radio edits, just the biggest bestest mixes I can find, as often as I can find them! Download or stream for free by searching for "Joelby" in google or any podcast app, including: Apple Podcasts // GooglePlay // So ...
Mixing up old classics with new cuts, disco with funky, soulful and mainroom dance floor. This podcast brings you a summary of the radio shows and club sets that Lars Delfstein is playing around the world. From London to Miami, from Ibiza to Tokyo, Vancouver to Sydney, Lars will put a bounce in your feet and a smile on your face. Enjoy the show
The every other month, for the time being, podcast of Vocations and Vacations Podcast with Jason and Sam. Every other month we will talk about different vocations, vacations, and other fun things that we have enjoyed, or that a special guest has enjoyed. Our vocations are our callings or stations in life and refer to who we are in relation to one another. The vacations that we take are those thing where we get out and see this wonderful world around us. Be sure to visit us at www.vocationsan ...
Hey guys, Welcome to the #LearnGermanVocabularyA1ToB2 Podcast! I am your host Sumitha, a German language tutor. This podcast aims to help you improve your German language vocabulary and pronunciation. Reference materials: Netzwerk and Aspekte coursewares for Goethe and OSD exams. New episodes every Thursday. For A1/A2/B1 Level course/Workshop registrations, please fill out the form https://forms.gle/2u5gdvAZZqb2NJcw9 WhatsApp : +919945211880 Email: learngermanvocabularypodcast@gmail.com
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In this episode, John talks with Aliki Katriou, who has extensive knowledge of classical technique, and contemporary styles and is world-renowned for her expertise with "extreme" vocals, about what singing with distortion is and how to start to introduce this technique into your singing. Episode Highlights: Aliki's inspiration and path to singing w…
Have you ever felt like there was something about you that would keep your voice from certain opportunities, careers or stages? Maybe you're the wrong race, wrong gender, wrong size, too old, too young, too dark, too light, too weird, too loud, too shy. How about being... too blind? Today I talk with Lachi - a highly successful force of nature who …
Megan and Carrie talk with Dr Hadas Kotek, a linguist at Apple, about two of her papers: Gender bias in linguistics textbooks: Has anything changed since Macaulay & Brice 1997? and Gender bias and stereotypes in linguistic example sentences. See the two graphs Hadas had us look at here. This episode is sponsored by FindingFive, a tech non-profit. P…
Кто понимает, что такое вдохновение у творческого человека, тот знает как приятно это чувство. Меня много чего по жизни вдохновляет. Мир прекрасен не смотря на то, что происходит порой. Нужно стараться нести свет, тепло и любовь. Вот таким я и представила свой новый микс Органика, это волшебство. Такая музыка не может не затронуть душу. Всем добра!…
Hoy vamos a escuchar tres composiciones corales del danés Carl Nielsen, con el Coro de la Radio Danesa como protagonista. NIELSEN: El sueño, op. 18 (19.23). Orq. Sinf. y Coro de la Radio Danesa. Dir.: L. Segerstam. Tres motetes, op. 55 (16.21). Coro de la Radio Danesa. Dir.: L. Segerstam. Primavera en Funen, op. 42 (17.51). Inga Nielsen (sop.), Pet…
To continue the guests series on my FunkySX show, this week we had the privilege of hosting house music promoter and legendary Essex DJ, Cronelli, to the station. Bringing a brilliant set of funky house and disco to the show. Hope you like it as much as we did....after all, it's all about the Funky
Hey guys, In this episode, you learn the vocabulary from chapter 3 of Netzwerk B1 courseware. Hope you enjoy the audio. Happy learning! For course/Workshop registrations, please fill out the form https://forms.gle/2u5gdvAZZqb2NJcw9 WhatsApp : +919945211880 Email: learngermanvocabularypodcast@gmail.com You could download the Brochure at my academy w…
Hey guys, In this episode, you learn the vocabulary from chapter 3 of Netzwerk A2 courseware. Hope you enjoy the audio. Happy learning! For course/Workshop registrations, please fill out the form https://forms.gle/2u5gdvAZZqb2NJcw9 WhatsApp : +919945211880 Email: learngermanvocabularypodcast@gmail.com You could download the Brochure at my academy w…
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