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Join Mobile Nations gamers each week as they discuss every aspect of the gaming world. From launch events and live streams to current events and deep thoughts on the most random of things. This is a group of platform inclusive, easily excited nerds with something to say about basically everything. Subscribe at your own risk!
Wisecracking pals Sheri and Marty got tired of being bombarded by bad news everywhere they turned and started amusing each other with stories about their childhoods of simpler times. Forget your worries for a few minutes and join them for some funny memories that’ll get you laughing along on the joy ride, pitstops and potholes of their trip down nostalgia alley. And please support our tomfoolery through our Patreon account: https://www.patreon.com/JustJiggletheHandle And share YOUR stories w ...
Listen as two old friends and collaborators gradually fashion a podcast from nothing but their shared history by gently agitating whatever enters their field of perception, watching for some meaning or significance to eventually come tumbling out. Avenues of inquiry include, but are not limited to, their mutual hometown of Chicago, experimental theatre, the current cultural and political climate in the U.S. and Europe, and just what this podcast is all about, anyway. Occasionally some humor ...
While completely being himself . DJ JIGGE is an independent artist based out of Rhode Island. His form-free art travels through a wide range of inspiration found in and beyond Hip Hop, Rap and Dance music. the beauty in his creative style exists due to the juxtaposition of both his thought-provoking, influential messages and his blithe, unbound sound that carries in strong vibration. His journey is continuous, and with a nonrestrictive formula it actively speaks to those that come across his ...
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いつ誰が何をするそれよりも内側の痛みを取り除いて欲しいいつ誰が何をしてくれる大きくなり過ぎて余計な影響力を発揮する そろそろ最終段階に入る約束ごとは忘れてしまう窓枠には傷などない分からないなりの手当でが必要
JIALIO welcomes the first guest in its history, attorney, critic, author, patron of the arts, and Aaron’s maternal uncle, Joel Henning. Joel appears courtesy of the process established in the previous episode by which Aaron asks someone who has known him for a long time (in this case his brother Jason) who he should invite onto the podcast. The wid…
Assassin's Creed Valhalla was too damn long — but Mirage won't be! We're joined by Sam Tolbert to talk about the new game in the Assassin's Creed franchise, and a preview of New Tales from the Borderlands. We also touch base on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Embracer Group's shopping spree, a handheld console from Logitech, and more. LINKS: Assassin's…
均質で平らな面欠けてしまっているところを繰り返し埋めて補う水平な直線に近づけるそうすれば今までよりも重なることができる 余計な摩擦も少なくなるかも知れないでもそれは本当に望んでいることとは違う あちこち曲がりくねって相容れないいびつな形のはず
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