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Caesura is a podcast made by and dedicated to people for whom listening and making music are not just hobbies, but ways of life, regardless of genre. Come listen as we review new music, talk about current music trends and albums we love, make bad jokes, get super off-track, and generally explore the nearly infinite world that modern music has to offer.
A podcast dedicated to all the binge watchers, where we review and discuss all related tidbits from everyone’s favourite shows. Join us as we dive into some of the greatest TV series’ and movies that have gone into making us confirm our parents fears - having square eyes. Follow us on our Instagram at Binge Worthy Breakdown is a podcast brought to you by the Hobby Homies Podcast. Check out all the links at
This podcast is for overwhelmed and frustrated professionals mainly women between the ages of 35 and 60 + who are ready to develop and apply the relevant financial skills and knowledge they need to take control of their money, better manage their finances, reduce their financial worries, and understand that they can live their best life with the money they have. I will be sharing valuable information about how to achieve financial wellness from the inside out and live a purposeful life with ...
We all need steady doses of inspiration in order to widen our horizon and open us up towards new possibilities. Join Caesar, motivator and influencer, as he interviews leaders impacting change in their communities and inspiring others to do the same. If you want to feel recharged, motivated, and inspired to be the best version of yourself, this show is for you!
Un podcast dedicado al infinito universo de la nada misma.... o a un poquito de todo quizás. Cultura pop al palo, para bajarte los dientes como patada de burro. Afro, Derek y Mechi debaten sobre todas esas cosas importantes (o no) que tanto te importan: cine, series, videojuegos, comics, anime, tiro y cosha golda.
You'll grow an addiction to this Audio Caffeine! Disclaimer: Do not listen to the show if you’re allergic to good vibes, productivity, motivation, physical fitness, or any physical activity related to extreme elation. Otherwise ... Let’s jam through 2022 with the continued discovery of new EDM in the worlds of vocal & tech house, progressive house, trance & more! #JuliTunzZzRadio comes in as a bi-monthly dosage of the grooviest transitions & House TunzZz available, broadcasted across the glo ...
Caesar Networkers è il primo Podcast di network marketing in Italia, che ti aiuta a creare la tua rendita automatica nel settore del Network – grazie a strategie infallibili e tecniche spietate – che consentirà di aumentare i tuoi guadagni attuali dal 30% al 50% entro il primo anno di attività, senza dover lasciare il tuo lavoro attuale e anche se puoi dedicare poche ore alla settimana.
Cædmon was an Anglo-Saxon herdsman attached to the double monastery of Streonæshalch (657–681). Originally ignorant of the art of song, Cædmon learned to compose one night in the course of a dream. Cædmon’s only known surviving work is Cædmon’s Hymn, the nine-line alliterative vernacular praise poem in honour of the Christian god he supposedly learned to sing in his initial dream. The poem is one of the earliest attested examples of Old English and is one of three candidates for the earliest ...
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