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In the sixth installment of the show, the guys go off on wild tangents and interesting experiences and thoughts, including:- Feinauer's third bike's death- Randy the Spider- Admitting our fears- Another edition of Storytime with Nick- An analysis of Creepy Clowns of Campuses- Taco Bell teasing-and so much more. This might be the most packed-full ep…
After a full week for the A10, plenty of intriguing discussions and stories are brought to the table, including:- The North Dakota State Dynasty to FBS?- Blank Check Football- A discussion of the Heisman- The Perfect First Date- and much much more!
In the third installment of A1 in the A10, the guys discuss some of their favorite one liners in rap and hip hop, if FWB is possible if you have history, Miami Dolphin's protest on 9/11, the controversial hail mary that got CMU and upset win over OK State, and more!
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