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Israel's President Rivlin gave Prime Minister Netanyahu the first chance to establish a government in Israel following the results of the last elections. What are his chances of success and what might happen next? Kobi Cohen, Israeli political analyst, shares his insights. With Shahar Azani.저자 JBS
Former Knesset Member and the first female combat soldier to serve in Israel's Parliament Sharren Haskel shares the vision of Gideon Saar's New Hope party, current priorities for Israelis in the upcoming elections and what will the party do if and when it comes to power. With Shahar Azani.저자 JBS
Soviet refusenik, Israeli political leader, former Jewish Agency Head, and author Natan Sharansky details his life in the former Soviet Union and his struggle for Jewish identity and freedom, described in the first section of his new memoir “Never Alone – Prison, Politics and My People,” which he co-authored with Gil troy.…
Three giants in the field of First Amendment Law – Floyd Abrams (First Amendment Supreme Court Litigant), Alan Dershowitz (long-time champion of First Amendment rights) and Nadine Strossen (former President and current Board Member of the ACLU) – explore issues of “Free Speech,” “Hate Speech” and “Cancel Culture.”…
Co-founder and CEO of The MirYam Institute Benjamin Anthony continues the origin story of Our Soldiers Speak and discusses the reasons he created the MirYam Institute, an organization dedicated to giving Israelis themselves an opportunity to debate the critical issues facing the Jewish State.저자 JBS
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