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Two years after his wife's death, oceanographer and former navy SEAL, Atticus Young, attempts to reconcile with his rebellious daughter, Giona, by taking her on the scuba dive of a lifetime-swimming with a pod of peaceful humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine. But the beauty of the sea belies a terror from the deep-a horrific creature as immense as it is ancient. There is no blood, no scream, no fight. Giona is swallowed whole by the massive jaws. Only Atticus remains to suffer the shame of t ...
In this podiobook: A dream, surreal and frightening, begins the path of 12 year old Mark Young's future; a path set long before he was even born. Fortunately, it's not a path he's doomed to walk alone. His course leads to true friends, fortune, and a place where he learns to wield great power.This place is The Seventh Mountain, the place where Magi train. The Seventh Mountain conceals the direst legend known to man. Mark's fate lies within."The Seventh Mountain by Gene Curtis is pure delight ...
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-In this episode: Mark regains consciousness and discovers that he is tiedto the sunstone. The warrior pushes the sunstone and him into thewater. He uses the oxy-cap to survive. The waterway is connected tothe moat and he gets out that way. He goes back in to complete
-In this episode: Mark accidentally falls into another room that is filledwith roaches, about eighteen inches deep. The next room is rats,followed by snakes, then secretary birds and then lions. He discoversthat the staff he carries is the key to the doors and makes i
-In this episode: Slone knocks Mark into the labyrinth. It's a place fromwhich no one has ever returned. The labyrinth turns out to be worsethan anyone had imagined. Time passes twenty to twenty-five timesfaster in there, he doesn't have food and he was badly injured.
-In this episode: Mark has statues made depicting the pre-choosing for himself and his three friends. In the mall they are attacked by Slone and his growing group of followers.Mark is taken home for Christmas and finds that Mr. Diefenderfer had a house built for him a
-In this episode: Chapter 13: First flags match, Mark watches with his parents. They are invited to dinner with one of the Council members, Mr.Diefenderfer. He gives a foretelling about Mark's dad's death. James, Mark's brother, learns that this man is his great, grea
-In this episode: Chapter 12: Three weeks after school begins classes are suspended for Tents Festival. Everyone is required to campout on the school grounds for the week long event.Mark is attacked by Slone's gang, rolled up into a blanket and tossed into the moat ar
-In this episode: Chapter 11: For the freshman year, all students take the same classes at the same time. Three classes are described; Communication - Theory and Practice, Single Combat - Swords, and Numeric Logic. Mark gets extra-credit from the Mr. Thorpe, the Counc
-In this episode: Chapter 10: The group starts their tour with the pasture landssection. They want to see it all, so Mrs. Shadowitz agrees to tours ofeach section on Saturdays. Thursday, day four, is the Day of Choosing.The lead horse, the captain, of each of the twel
-In this episode: Chapter 9: Mark tries out his ability of projecting his thoughts into other people's minds. He imagines his counselor, Tim, as a ballet dancer and everyone nearby picks up his thoughts.Counselors take the students around to finish acquiring their sch
-In this episode: Chapter 8: Mark makes a couple more friends, Chenoa and Jamal, encounters a lioness and discovers that he can understand what she is thinking. He talks her out of eating him, follows her home, and realizes there is much more to the school complex tha
-In this episode: Chapter 7: The bullies they had previously encountered confront them and want to know how they got swords. Mark convinces them that if anyone can touch the teacher when she tests their defensive reflexes that she will give them a sword. The bullies h
-In this episode: Chapter 5: The elevator doors open after their descent from the meeting at the bank. The larger man from Mark's dream, Tim, meets them and Mark recognizes him. After a brief walk and explanation on the sidewalk, Mark and the stranger disappear and re
-In this episode: Chapter 4: In Virginia, Mark's dad researches the documents at the county courthouse and finds they are valid as well as the property taxes have been paid for the past one hundred plus years by a bank account. The property is worth almost two million
-In this episode: Chapter 3: Mark reveals he can read a cryptic message in the family heirloom, an old German Bible, that no one else can. It tells of a legacy left for him inside of a mountain south of Albuquerque by his great, great, great, great grandfather. Once t
-In this episode: Chapter 2: Strange dreams continue, revealing an evil entity trying to kill Mark at birth during a freak storm, his rescuers, and The Seventh Mountain. After his parents confirm the details of his birth, details he saw in a dream, his brother James p
-In this episode: Chapter 1: Bizarre mysteries from the past become even more unimaginable as Mark Young's dreams spawn more questions than they answer. The dreams, surreal and frightening, reveal; an evil entity wants to kill him, clues of pre-destiny from his and hi
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