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At First Students, our goal is to train and equip students to become Kingdom Workers. We provide classes and worship services, as well as events throughout the year where students can come together. Each week we have opportunities to build relationships and process what we are learning in a small group setting. We desire to see each student make their faith their own by the time they graduate high school.
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Okay, let's be honest. We all have a bad habit or two, don't we? Whether it's biting your nails, daydreaming, checking your phone, complaining, talking badly about others, or maybe something even more self-destructive, we all know how hard it can be to break a bad habit. Most of our bad habits don't directly impact our spiritual health, but the tru…
In this sermon, you'll get a better lens from God’s word for evaluating who you should date as apposed to who the world says you should date. I you want a relationship that is "meant to be” then you will date with purpose knowing who you're looking for.
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